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6 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

While content curation is far from an incredibly challenging task, it can be quite time-consuming. Finding relevant content, making sure it’s right for your profile and putting together a sound update plan will all necessitate a lot of work. To make things a little bit simpler, you can rely on certain tools.

Content curation tools come in all shapes and sizes and they can be used to streamline certain parts of the process. Here are some of the best options out there and the main reasons why marketers should give such apps a try.

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Why Struggling Businesses Need to Adopt SEO Marketing Campaigns

It’s true that a website is a great tool for marketing your business. Just having one isn’t enough though. The site has to be marketed to get more traffic. SEO or search engine optimization has proven to be helpful in that regard over the years.

Unfortunately, many businesses balk at the idea of spending for SEO. Some even go to the extent of calling SEO a complete waste of time, money, and effort. The questions, however, remain:

  • How are your website and business doing without SEO?
  • Has your brand become recognizable?
  • Is your business one of the first things search engine users see when they type in a keyword in search of something related to your industry?
  • Are sales as robust as the coffee from your favorite shop?

If the answer to any of the questions is no, you may need to take a closer look at SEO again. Businesses small and large alike—especially struggling ones—can benefit from an SEO marketing campaign. Here are some reasons why.

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3 Mistakes That Make Your Blog Pointless

What separates strong, super-charged marketing blogs from the rest?  3 common mistakes …

Blogging can be a very useful tool in your marketing toolbox, but only if you do it right. A low-quality blog is pointless.

Imagine a blog run by a small business. Maybe it has poorly written posts, irrelevant posts, or just a glorified news board. I’ve seen all three. And you know my takeaway?

“These guys don’t know what they’re doing.”

I want to talk to you today about 3 blogging mistakes I see a lot of companies making.  By the way, I’ve been guilty of these myself.  Most bloggers have (if they’re being honest.)  Mistakes are how we learn.

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6 Things That Make Shopify API Integration Solution a Must for Ecommerce Businesses

Shopify has become extremely popular amongst start-ups and small businesses for its ability in instantly enabling ecommerce based sales. It provides APIs that can be used to integrate cloud-based management applications/resource planning software to provide a comprehensive online retail experience. Software outsourcing companies can help non-technical businesses set up their Shopify systems, along with the required integration with the cloud management applications.

The main reason for the popularity of Shopify is that it covers any form of ecommerce business – whether the selling is through an online portal, social media, in-store, or in a mobile shop. It allows complete control over the branding of the online display items. The extensive dashboard has data displayed in simple visual formats that provide the overview of the sales and the overall customer trends during a sales cycle.

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