Local SEO

Local SEO for Restaurants: Tips to Dominate Local Search

In today’s fast-paced industry, people rely on mobile phones to search for local businesses. This is especially true when people look for restaurants. We expect to see a full menu and reviews in order for us to decide. As a local business, relying on search engine optimization can be crucial. Local SEO can help increase your exposure to potential customers. Set up a search engine-friendly website and create a solid digital marketing plan. This increases the potential for your business to succeed.

Personal Brands

5 Easy Ways Entrepreneurs Can PR Their Personal Brands

In the rich digital world we inhabit today, there are few things that a dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur can’t achieve on their own — you can sell online without any support, network with anyone you can reach without any introductions, educate yourself however you like with no formal course, and (of course) establish a substantial following through their own initiative. In times gone past, PR was seen as a third-party service. Any business that wanted to improve its image would hire a PR firm to take charge of everything from sending out press releases to issuing formal responses to major queries. These days, things have changed — preferring to work as economically as possible, entrepreneurs like to keep things in-house when working on their personal brands. After all, a personal brand loses its impact the more people get involved.

It isn’t easy to run your own PR, though, no matter how business-savvy you happen to be. Personal brands are delicate and complicated things, and even the smallest tonal flub can lead to a radical change in how an entrepreneur is perceived. Being careful is absolutely vital.

Getting good results doing your own PR, then, is all about efficiency: achieving the greatest impact at the lowest cost with the most minimal level of risk. If you’re planning to do just that, consider working the following 5 easy tactics into your strategy to PR personal brands:

Search Engine Optimization

Learn How to Improve Blog SEO

A few weeks ago, I attended a travel blogging meetup where Katie Dillon, of La Jolla Mom, shared insider tips on how to improve blog SEO and get revenue from a blog. While I have a travel blog, it’s nowhere near ready to be a money-maker, but I wanted to apply the tips to The Marketing Eggspert blog here.

Here’s what I’m working on.


Trust Your Gut: How All Business Owners Can Harness the Power of Instinct

This business post was originally published on AllBusiness.com.

If you’ve read any of my articles, you know that they are often inspired by my life. My current inspiration (if you can call it that) is dating. I just ended something because my instinct saw red flags. In the past, I’ve ignored these to my detriment, so I’m pretty proud to be seeing them before I get hurt.

But your gut doesn’t just tell you about potential “creepazoids.” It can tell you a lot about your business . . . if you’re willing to listen.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing: How a Professional Service Works

In these times, more and more consumers are performing video search, and YouTube is generally considered to be the world’s second biggest search engine. Hence, for any brand looking to ensure relevance and longevity, online video content is a must. In fact, it should be an absolutely integral part of any good overall marketing strategy.

However, despite all this, a surprisingly low proportion of businesses have video content available. But there are no two ways about it; a video marketing strategy will give you the edge you have been looking to have for your business.


Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Customer Relationship Management Tips

This week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up is filled with Customer Relationship Management tips- otherwise known as CRM. I’ve included posts about what CRM is, it’s failures and how to fix them, using it for marketing and business growth, how to use it smartly, it’s opportunities and how to choose the right one and lots more.


Which One is Better – PPC or SEO? [Infographic]

At times, it can be really difficult to pick PPC or SEO. Both of them have their own pros and cons, which is why it can be tricky to pick the most suitable one for your business.

Keep reading, as it will help you understand the pros and cons of SEO and PPC. You will also learn how you can combine both strategies to get the best of both worlds.

CRM Software

CRM Software: How to Accelerate Your Business Growth with it

Business growth is an important attribute of entrepreneurial life. When a person starts a business, he/she has to take care of several factors to establish it and make the desired progress. Despite introducing an exponential business model, many business organisations are forced to shut down their operations soon after launching.

It is because they fail to sustain in the competitive business market and make profits. Manual work and production techniques are also responsible for the untimely demise of several business organisations because they fail to compete with AI-driven business organisations.

That is why several business organisations have started to use CRM software for business growth and expansion. Let’s see how it helps to accelerate business growth.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization: 9 Things You Need To Know

You know the importance of landing pages and you’ve got the basics of building those landing pages locked down.

But how do you move the needle on your conversion rates?

I’m not talking bumping your conversions up a few percent. I’m talking about conversion lifts in the region of 20-30%.

In this post, I’ll share a bunch of important concepts that will help you skyrocket your conversion rates.

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is important if you want our business to get seen online – and why wouldn’t you? In this week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up I’ve collated posts all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO); including posts about Local SEO, tips and things you didn’t know that could help, how to get on to the first page of Google, doing an SEO audit, video marketing for search engine optimization and lots more.

25+ Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Rectify Now [Infographic]

Are you new to search engine optimization (SEO)? If yes, then it is important you learn about the various tricks and tips that make up this internet marketing technique. SEO is the core online marketing strategy that can help drive targeted traffic to your site. It can help increase brand awareness online. More importantly, it can help get your site on the #1 page of Google search engine for targeted keywords/key phrases. Thus, knowing about the best SEO practices is essential if you want to accelerate your business growth.

Marketing Strategies

What Is The Difference Between Marketing Strategies and Marketing Plans?

Many people work hard on their marketing strategies. They try out every trick and advice they can find — have a blog, optimize for SEO, produce good content, produce videos, engage on social media, analyze, track, optimize for mobile and so on. And yet, the results are just not that favorable. The effort is there, all of the components are there and there is no increase in conversions or anything, really.

So, most people become frustrated — what are they doing wrong? Everything seems to be working fine for other people, other companies. Just not them. Why?

Well, the trick is not in what they are doing but rather in why they are doing it.

They set up extensive plans about content, videos, social media and all of the other components as well as schedules on when that is going to be released. However, those plans are often not informed and supported by a general strategy.