Why SEO and Content Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

SEO and content marketing continue to make changes in the world of digital marketing. According to the claims of many digital marketing companies, content marketing probably will replace SEO. However, it will hardly happen, as both strategies are important in the…

7 Ways to Increase the Credibility of Your Blog Content

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Would you believe I’ve written thousands of articles over the past decade? Each time I write a new article, I have to find a way to make the subject fresh again. I want to ensure that my readers find what I write useful and informative, so I use the following strategies to build credibility with my content. Feel free to use these tips to boost the credibility of your blog content and see if you attract more blog visitors!

1. Find statistics to back your content

I wanted to find a statistic about using statistics in your content marketing, but couldn’t find one! Until proven otherwise, your content is conjecture. It’s your opinion. That’s why adding statistics and research to your blog articles can help you validate your point of view.

Let’s say I’m writing an article arguing that content marketing can be more effective than any other type of marketing or advertising. That’s just my opinion at this point, but my reader wants proof:

4 Things That Can Help You in Dealing with Content Scraping

Scraping, reproduction, or plagiarism; no matter what fancy name you use, the essence remains the same, which is the copying of someone else’s content. With the development of various tools and software programs, it is getting extremely convenient for people to copy content and pass it as their own while at the same time deceiving search engines.

One such unfortunate practice is content scraping, where the scraper steals your website traffic and puts you in a risky position with the search engines. Considering the fact that thousands of content creators are troubled by content scrapers, you need to take proactive steps to prevent your content from being scraped. But first…

What is Content Scraping?

Content scraping takes place when people create websites in a similar niche as yours, and from there, they just blatantly copy your content. Sometimes, scraped content is limited to only excerpts with links to the original site, while other times, the entire blog post is copied word for word.

Additionally, content scrapers do not manually copy the content. They rely on various plugins and coding scripts that instantly copy your blog’s RSS feeds and produce similar content within a matter of minutes.

Franchises Flex Marketing Muscle For You

One of the most challenging parts of building a business is assembling an effective identity and brand for your company. What should your logo look like? What will be your colors, fonts, and graphics? What will be your slogan?

For people who are better as business managers and creators of products, this can be an overwhelming task. It’s not the kind of thing that you learn in culinary school or during your time as a journeyman heating and cooling professional. And trying to develop it at the same time that you are perfecting your product, shopping for business supplies, and hiring employees can be too much.

That’s where franchising can make all the difference. When you become a franchisee, you already have a pre-built marketing image. Your brand is already widely known, so you won’t have to spend your valuable advertising dollar to explain who you are or what you do. That frees you up to work on the day-to-day necessities of your brand new enterprise, all the while letting an established firm promote and identify your products and services.

Franchises Flex Marketing Muscle For You

6 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Being known as a thought leader in your industry has many perks. First, it opens the door to new opportunities for you, whether that’s to speak at a well-known conference or get referrals for people you might want to work with. It can drive traffic to your website. And it’s also a fantastic way to attract new business.

For me as a business writer, my thought leadership efforts (specifically in guest blogging) are what attracts about 70% of my new clientele.

You have more knowledge of your subject matter than you probably realize. There are people out there who need your knowledge, and by sharing it, you instantly become a thought leader they trust and want to connect to.

Here are seven strategies for owning your experience.

Brand Experience: The Social Media Way

Social media is the widely chosen medium today to engage and network within a targeted industry. Businesses are increasingly using social media because of the high engagement level and broader market reach. As per statistics, a higher number of consumers interact with brands on social media. Brands that are active and respond to customer queries on social media platforms create a positive influence on the audience and helps in building loyalty. In this infographic, get a detailed statistical overview of how social media encourages impacts brand experience.

Why Consumer Data Matters For Successful Marketing Strategy

Consumer data helps in providing superior customer experience. It is a fact: when you know your customers, then the interactions with them become meaningful and result-oriented.
As a marketer, you have to serve them what they want, which makes consumer data essential in developing the best marketing strategy. A survey reported that 76% of people expect companies to be aware of their needs, which puts focus back on the data.

Useful and accurate consumer data facilitates in deriving the marketing strategy to guide the business in the right direction. An organization can achieve innumerable sales and revenue after analyzing the customer data successfully. Here’s an infographic further illustrating the importance of consumer data.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be

How Long Should a Blog Post Be Before You Annoy Your Reader?

One of the top questions I get asked by prospective clients is: how long should a blog post be?

It’s a fair question and one that will never have a concrete answer, simply because content marketing experts keep changing their mind as marketing trends change.

Neil Patel, who tends to set the bar for the content marketing industry, currently says content between 1,500 and over 2,000 words (depending on the industry) hits the mark.

Yoast, makers of my favorite WordPress plugin Yoast SEO, say it’s got to be over 1,000 to rank in search results.

The Write Practices says if you want more social media shares,  make the post 600-1,500 words.

You can spend an hour going down the rabbit hole to see what others think about how long a blog post should be.

But you’re here because you want to know what I think, right?

8 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Social media for businesses has turned out to be one of the best ways to connect with your existing and potential customers. Every second, billions of people from all over the world, log into one or the other social media channel. Hence, if used in the right way, businesses can use these channels to get the attention of their target audience. Overlooking the importance of social media can cause you to lose your customers to your competitors.

Many small, medium, and large organizations are using social media for building a relationship with their customers, generating awareness about their products and services, making their presence felt on the internet, sharing their knowledge and expertise with their target audience, attracting new customers, etc.  Using social media for marketing turns out to be very effective if used wisely. But if not handled properly, all your efforts may be in vain.

In this article, we have discussed a few tips that would help you in mastering social media for businesses.

The Secret to Effective Business Networking

I’ve been attending local networking events as long as I’ve run my content marketing agency (so, 13 years). I’m aware that trying to sell yourself isn’t the general concept behind effective business networking, that it’s better to build relationships over time rather than “machine-gunning” your business card to everyone in the room. And believe me: I’ve seen people do that, and it never goes well.

But it surprised the heck out of me to get advice about networking from none other than my mother recently. I was complaining to her that work had been slow this summer, and she suggested I try out her “Mamma Networking Theory.”

Why Infographics are Effective Marketing Tools

Today, at least 2 million blog posts are published every day. Given the intensity of competition, you need to have something that makes your content truly stand out. In this context, infographics are effective marketing tools. In fact, people share infographics 3x more than any other type of content.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • The Benefits of Infographics.
  • What Are Good And Bad Infographics?
  • Unique Infographic Ideas For Your Business.