If You Don’t Know What You Want for Your Business, How Can You Get It?

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The other day, I was chatting with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. She asked how my business was doing.

“Business? Er, it’s fine.”

My reply shocked me, because normally I grin and say, “Really well, thanks!” But lately I’ve been feeling a little adrift in terms of what I want for my business, and therefore business hasn’t been booming like normal. I realize it’s my own damn fault.

I’m a big believer in setting intentions and making what you want a reality. I do it in my personal life, so why wasn’t I doing it for my business? Can you relate?


Why Is Instagram Becoming a More Valuable Marketing Channel Than Facebook?

One of the most widely used social networks, Facebook, continues to lose popularity among American teenagers and young people. According to eMarketer, a company that specializes in marketing research, in 2018 in the US, the number of Facebook users aged 18 to 24 years decreased by 5,8%. For teenagers 12-17 years old it is expected that the registration rate will be less than 50% of representatives of this age group. This trend will continue in 2019-2020, experts suggest.

Last year, Time Magazine conducted a survey of young people and found out that they don’t want to waste time on scrolling monotonous Facebook feed and prefer more dynamic alternatives – Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

So, why are young people replacing Facebook with Instagram? This is a very important question for brands because this social group is most active when it comes to online shopping.

Marketing Strategy

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New Year Business Resolutions for Egg Marketing 2019

Forgive me for being one of those die-hard resolution makers. I made my first New Year resolutions on this blog 10 years ago, and it’s a practice I plan to keep up. Taking time to slow down and think about what I want for my business in the coming year is an excellent exercise (okay, okay, it’s eggcellent. I’ll let you slide with one egg joke this year), and keeps me focused.

Rod Austin Interview

Marketing Eggspert Interview: Rod Austin of Pagely

Welcome to our interview series, where we introduce you to marketers around the globe. Every few weeks, we’ll dive into best practices and tips from people who live and breathe marketing. To be considered for an upcoming interview, please contact

Tell us who you are and what you do (include job title).

Rod Austin, Director of Marketing at Pagely.


5 Things We Micropreneurs Really Want for Christmas

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As I’m making my holiday wish list on Amazon and sending it to my mother (Don’t judge! Don’t you wish your mom still sent you fuzzy socks for Christmas?), I’m thinking about those less tangible things I’d love someone to give me that are perfect for a micropreneur like myself (someone who operates a business on a very small scale).

If Santa is reading this, here are the things this micropreneur hopes to find in her stocking on Christmas morning:

Content Media Marketing

7 Signs your Startup Needs Content Media Marketing (and How to Do It)

You may think you’ve got content media marketing covered. After all, you have accounts on all the big social media platforms, and you’re engaging with your customers when they post or ask questions. But if you think that’s all there is to content marketing, you’re missing out. To evaluate whether you need more content marketing, you need to understand the difference between social media and content media. Content media marketing is about creating materials that can provide information and entertainment to your customers to keep them interested in your brand. Social media is about customers communicating and interacting with your brand. Content Media is what they are communicating about.

On Losing a Great Employee

One of the biggest headaches for any business owner — but particularly a micropreneur, who does the bulk of the work but may have a freelancer or two — is finding and keeping good talent. I’ve worked with a dozen freelance writers over the past 13 years with Egg, and I know how hard it is to find not only talented writers but also people who are reliable and willing to work with me for years.

Ileane Smith Interview

Marketing Eggspert Interview: Ms Ileane Smith

Welcome to our interview series, where we introduce you to marketers around the globe. Every few weeks, we’ll dive into best practices and tips from people who live and breathe marketing. To be considered for an upcoming interview, please contact

Tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m a digital media instructor and strategist which means that I teach people how to use tech and digital platforms to achieve their goals. Most of my trainings are in video or podcast format.

Coupon Marketing

Why Coupon Offers Are Good For Business [Infographic]

For some businesses, integrating coupons into a marketing strategy can be daunting. Knowing how to use coupons to reach their audience in an effective way, and how to turn deals into profit, can seem overwhelming. However, there are a number of reasons for businesses to use coupons. Chief among them? They drive sales.

According to Wikibuy, coupons, delivered properly, are a powerful advertisement for any company. They’ve collected a series of coupon metrics that demonstrates not only that coupons have value, but that a generation of shoppers is not making purchases without them.

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How Content Curation Can Save You Time And Money Today

When you’re searching the internet for help on how to boost SEO for your business, what’s the most frequent bit of advice? Let us guess: does it involve content? When it comes to improving your website’s rankings, content has a big part to play alongside high quality link building. And there’s a reason for that.