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Personalization In Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Personalization in Marketing

Are you using Personalization in your marketing campaigns? This round-up of articles include why it works and makes your marketing better, personalization technology, ecommerce, stats, email marketing, brands using personalization successfully and lots more. Think Personalization in Marketing Doesn’t Work?…
Email Marketing

10 Email Metrics You Should Understand [Infographic]

Email marketing is a great tool to stay in touch with customers and keep your small business top of mind. Whether you send a monthly newsletter, weekly sales promo, transactional emails or a combo of them all, there will be metrics generated. No matter which email service provider you use, you’ll be given a variety of statistics and you’ll assuredly want to make the most of them.

Knowing how many people open an email or click a link is definitely key marketing information, but there is so much more that your customers are telling you through your email stats. That’s where 10 Metrics Every Email Marketer Should Know will become a helpful resource for understanding what is working, or not, in your email marketing.

Here is a quick look at 4 metrics from the infographic and what you can learn from them.

Some of The Fundamental Aspects of Email Marketing That You May Not Know

Digital marketing is taking over these days, and a number of companies are opting for the different digital marketing methods for their business purpose. These methods are innovative, unique, cost effective and an excellent way to reach out to more people at a time.

With the advent of internet and technology, the various kinds of digital marketing programs are also becoming the star attraction to a number of people. However, there are certain basic concepts and rules related to all types of digital marketing programs which you should heed, and this would ensure that your marketing requirements are fulfilled, and you can prosper by virtue of it.

Social media marketing, email marketing, SEO management are all part of digital marketing which is very popular today and with little knowledge of the basics you can work them out for yourselves.

Some of The Fundamental Aspects of Email Marketing That You May Not Know

Best Email Design Trends for Digital Marketing Success

Emails are still an incredibly powerful way to engage and convert prospects for your business. Ever evolving, there are new and exciting design trends that are emerging that are not only innovative but are revolutionising the world of email as we know it.

In order to appreciate the new design trends that the rest of 2017 will see, lets first take a look at what made a splash in 2016 which is now fuelling new insights and options for designing successful email marketing strategies.

Best Email Design Trends for Digital Marketing Success

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

Is your email communication “intimate enough?”

In other words, do you put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and dig in deep to figure out the actual frame-of-mind of your target audience before writing your email copies?

If yes, good for you. Why? Because your emails opt-in rates could climb.

If your answer is no, be sure, your emails would get buried alive under the mountains of other emails that tend to litter the audiences’ inboxes these days.

Like it or not, emails are the heart of eCommerce these days. And, marketers should make sure that websites get the best click through rates through emails than tweets or other social media. According to Mario Veloso’s book “Web Copy That Sells,” websites make 90% sales through emails. So, it’s really important for them to be intimate, immediate and in-the-face.

Long story short: If you want to fuel conversion rates of your website, make sure you tap into the users’ frame-of-mind before writing a single line of your email copy.

Putting yourself in recipient’s shoes will help you craft an email copy that perfectly resonates with the target audience.

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

Email marketing is one of the oldest and first-generation online promotional tactics, which is still efficient and useful. The major advantage of e-mail marketing is that it can go along well with the new age marketing strategies including content and social media marketing, and it enhances the value and outcome of the marketers’ efforts.

Social media can now function on its own, but it can produce much better results when strategically paired together with other components. Social sharing is the backbone of all content initiatives now, and avenues like Facebook retargeting and LinkedIn promotions open doors for better lead generation opportunities. Instagram is also slowly joining the league as the marketer’s best tool for promotions and lead generation. Let’s see how it fits in.

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Email Opt-ins and Get More Subscribers

Several advertising groups and business advisers rouse people to invest in social media advertising, but you have to make sure that your email marketing efforts are not eclipsed when you pay more attention to social media. After all, email remains to be the top communications channel where people prefer to receive promotional messages from a brand.

According to ExactTarget, 77% of consumers show a preference to email when it comes to receiving marketing communications. This topples social media despite the noise it has stirred up in the business world recently.

A 77% preference from a market is hard to miss. The tricky part is that email subscribers are gained through great effort. Unlike social media followers, subscribers are more discriminatory about the brands they support. This also makes them highly likely to engage with a brand they deliberately opted to let into their turf.

It’s a good thing to build your own band of loyal consumers. Here are 5 ways you can increase your email opt-ins and get more subscribers.

Rich Media in Email Marketing [Infographic]

Email marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. But long gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all ideology was used for roping in new prospects. Email marketers now strategize their marketing approach and like to experiment (A/B test) with different elements to understand what their subscribers love to receive.

Ever since HTML coding was introduced into email coding methods, the race for offering a rich user experience through multimedia began. Plain text emails are a great option for crisis communications and reducing SPAM scores. But email marketers have now migrated from plain text emails to feature-rich emails with Images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos to make emails visually appealing and in turn help increase user engagement.

Fun Fact: Rich media in email effectively evokes emotion, drawing greater engagement. Big brands like American Apparel and Dell, using GIF in their email campaigns have experienced a 103% increase in conversion rate! (Source)

American Inbox: The Modern State of Emailing In the Workplace [Infographic]

The American worker spends a lot of time checking their email. All across the country people are spending large blocks of their workday in their inbox. But what exactly does the typical American inbox at work look like?

Email marketing company Reachmail surveyed one thousand American workers who consider email significant to their job.  The survey focused on 4 core areas relating to email use at work:

  • How often American’s are checking their email at work
  • How many emails they send per day
  • How quickly that they respond to emails
  • How many emails are unread in a typical inbox

The goal of the survey was to get a better look at how American’s deal with email while at work.  As a result of the survey they discovered several interesting trends.

Checking Email

The survey found that 54% of Americans check their email multiple times per day and 30% having their email constantly open throughout the day. Only 16% of American’s check only once per day. The Northeast was the worst region in the United States in terms of having their email open constantly with 37% of surveyed respondents.

When it comes to the time to day people check their email the most, 71% of Americans first check their work email between 5AM and 7AM. An even more surprising stat is that 70% of Americans check their email after 6PM, typically after most people leave the office for the day.

Sent Emails

Nearly half of all Americans (46%) send fewer than 10 emails per day.  Again the Northeast tops all regions averaging 22 emails per day.  Only 8% of American’s send more than 50 emails per day.  The median seems to be between 10-25 emails per day for most people.

Response Time

58% of Americans say that they respond to emails typically within 1 hour. The slowest to respond are New Yorkers who average a day or more to respond. Most American’s typically respond between 1-6 hours to work emails.

Unread Emails

Over half of Americans have fewer than 10 unread emails in their inbox.  The Midwest had the least cluttered inbox with an average of 17 unread emails.  Only a small percentage of Americans (6%) have between 50-100 unread emails on average in their inbox.

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