Facebook Ads

How Small Businesses are Failing with their Facebook Ads

With 2.2 billion active users, it makes sense for marketers and businesses of every stripe to leverage Facebook Ads to turbocharge their leads and sales pipeline.  And with Facebook earning $27 billion in revenue, the social media giant is not just the biggest revenue spinner for Facebook but other businesses too.

All said and done; the fact is the majority of the small businesses — 62% according to Weebly — are unable to meet their targets with Facebook ads.

So, now the question is: Why are the ads failing?

Digital Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad canvas of online marketing. In this weeks round-up, there are so many posts to choose from but I picked a few that I think will help you. These include marketing mistakes, tracking ROI, KPIs to track to increase sales, a step-by-step guide to online marketing, quick guide on making a plan, tactics to follow, creating a huge email list and more.

Social Media

How Social Media Can Help With Your SEO Efforts

Social media and SEO are both important parts of the digital strategy for any business – but sometimes the value that each can have for the other is misunderstood. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that activity on social media influences your ranking positions, so this is an aspect of your SEO strategy that you must take seriously.

Here we will take a look at some of the things that your business can do on its social media accounts that can influence SEO; improving rankings and increasing traffic to your site.

Digital Marketing Stats

Digital Marketing Stats Everyone Should Know About [Infographic]

The guys from serpwatch.io seem to know a lot about search engine optimization and digital marketing stats in general, and they prepared an amazing infographic on this subject which you can check out below this text.

Doing business has changed since the appearance of the internet, and in order to increase revenue through marketing, every company needs to know how the world of digital advertising works. Digital marketing is not exactly new, but it goes through constant shifts and changes that you must follow up on if you want to build a successful campaign strategy.

Customer Loyalty

Five Steps to Increasing Customer Loyalty

Why Customer Loyalty is Important

In a study detailed by the Harvard Business Review, it has been shown that improving customer loyalty by just 5% can have profits soaring by up to 95%. In fact, the efforts marketing teams make in acquiring new customers are far more expensive than retaining existing ones.

Loyal customers come in different variants. Many are simply happy to continue buying the brand out of convenience and familiarity. There are those, however, who are known as ‘actively loyal’. These loyal customers can actually benefit a company by actively promoting it.

Online Sales

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Online Sales

In this week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up I’ve collated posts about Online Sales: how to increase them, ways to improve your online presence, why some businesses are successful at online selling and others aren’t, online marketing strategies, email marketing, sales conversations and lots more.

New Life In Your Business

How to Bring New Life and Innovation Into Your Business

This post – How to Bring New Life and Innovation Into Your Business – was originally published on StartUpNation

Perhaps you’re struggling to find new customers, or you’re feeling stagnant in your startup. Maybe you’re having difficulty competing with others in your industry. Whatever the case, you feel the need to breathe new life into your business. Shake things up a little! Here’s how to bring new life and innovation back into the business you so painstakingly built from the ground up.

5 Real-World Tips for Marketing Your Local Business on Instagram

Though I’ve focused a lot in my marketing career on helping B2B businesses that weren’t local to me in San Diego, I’m starting to work more with companies in my area, including my own creative workshop brand. As I work to drive attendance of events, I’ve found that Instagram is a great resource to introduce the brand to more people in San Diego. It’s a learning process for me, but as I learn, I want to share a few things I’ve learned that should help you with marketing your local business on Instagram.

Event Management

Maximizing Social Media to Its Full Potential with Event Management

Social media is groundbreaking for an incredibly diverse set of reasons across every industry. Since it’s been so disruptive to business, it can be completely overwhelming and a drain on resources, which can be problematic for early-stage startups. But, it is important when it comes to event management.

Knowing how to properly utilize social media during events (and before the actual event) is something that anyone is born with. It’s a talent — an art form that can be learned and one that we hope to help you learn within this article. This will serve as your portal to have a comprehensive strategy to promote events the right way through social media.

Increase Followers On Twitter

7 Impressive Tips to Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, that means we can use it for updates about what we do, what’s going on in the world, what is our opinion but all this is short sentences — basically sharing thoughts, happenings, and views about current affairs of the world. With Twitter, the terminology is that you have to follow for follow on twitter. When you tweet a message, your followers can see it and when you visit Twitter, you can see messages of people whom you follow.

So obviously when we like something we tend to share it as we want people who follow us to know our mind-set so that they can connect with us better and so that they can be in touch with us. Twitter gives you the facility called “retweet” whenever you love something that is uploaded or when you upload something that someone else wants to upload too, they can upload the same message as what the person followed has written it, if it related to them and they want their followers also to read it.

Marketing Budget

7 Tips For Creating A Sustainable Marketing Budget For Your Small Business

One day you might build up a reputation that precedes you, turning your company into a household name, but you’ll never make it there if you don’t thrive and expand — and you can’t thrive if no one knows about your business. That’s why bringing attention to your name and brand must be one of your core concerns as a small business owner. To make steady strides towards your goals, you need a sustainable marketing budget.

Part of this will involve simply doing an excellent job and impressing your customers, picking up recommendations in the process, but the bulk of it will stem from marketing. The first obstacle there is that good and varied marketing costs money — there’s only so much you can achieve without making a meaningful investment — which is where a sustainable marketing budget can help.

Facebook Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-up: Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing works so well for many individuals and companies. In this week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up I’ve collated posts on best practices, mobile posting on Facebook, converting Facebook ads into sales and your ecommerce strategy, chatbots, facebook advertising trends and a step to step guide to creating a Facebook marketing strategy plus more.