No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

While social media can be a great tool to market your business, it’s easy to get stuck into a monologue. You are tweeting constantly, but it feels like every tweet falls into a void – no replies come back from the other side and nobody gets involved in an engaging dialogue.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy and stop overwhelming your audience with tweets that lead to no engagement. How to do that?

Here are 7 ways to make your business more conversational and gain better engagement.

No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

Quick Guide: How To Create Your Digital Marketing Plan

In this article, you will learn what a digital marketing plan is and how it can help your business? Also, how to make sure your website is helping your digital marketing.

Imagine ShimmerXYZ Studio is a salon known for chic haircuts and colorings. They know everything about hair, but feel lost when it comes to digital marketing. They have a website, but haven’t updated it in ages. They pay to run search ads, but don’t monitor them. They have social media, but only sign in occasionally. It’s no surprise that these tools haven’t been helping their business much.

Quick Tip: Setting goals, making a schedule, and assigning responsibilities are aspects of a digital marketing plan, which is like a roadmap to more effective marketing.

Quick Guide: How To Create Your Digital Marketing Plan

Common Causes of Startup Failure and How To Prevent Them

Hearing a success story about a startup might motivate you to build one — after all, if they can do it, why can’t you? But the cold reality is that 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years following their conception. CB Insights analyzed 101 post-mortem essays of startup founders and came up with 20 reasons why their startups failed, with “no market need” leading the results at 42%.

So here are some of the main reasons that start-ups fail.

Common Causes of Startup Failure and How To Prevent Them

7 Tips To Boost Your Business’s Engagement On Social Media

Like many businesses, you’re using social media as an effective marketing platform. Right now, you’re doing ok, but you could have better engagement with your audience. This guide will show you how to get the most out of every post you make online, and really boost your engagement. Give them a try and see just how much it improves.

7 Tips To Boost Your Business's Engagement On Social Media

7 Signs You Should Outsource Your Blog Content Writing

Killer content is more than just writing. You need to know your audience, its fear, desires, intentions, and you need to find proper words to reach out to your readers. It’s almost impossible to do from scratch if you have no experience in writing blog posts.

Besides, creating a great post takes too much time, and if you are responsible for all other processes of your blog, like marketing, for instance, you will have no time to do everything perfectly.

At some point you will notice that the more assignments you try to deal with simultaneously, the slower you work and the worse the results are. Of course, this is not what you expect. So you need to find some strategy that will help to generate perfect content but keep working on marketing. Why don’t you try outsourcing blog content?

Outsource means that you hire a person to perform a certain task. If you are satisfied with the result, you pay for the job done. You can keep working with this person or find someone else – everything depends on your preferences. The main idea is that you do not hire a full-time employee, but work with a freelancer or outsource writing.

7 Signs You Should Outsource Your Blog Content Writing

What Needs to Happen before the Launch

I know you’re excited to flip the “coming soon” page to the live site. Your mouse is hovering over that publish button. WAIT! Before you go live there are a few things you need to happen.

These are things like:

  • Stellar Internet services
  • Testing usability
  • Content & social media strategy

You don’t want to ruin your attempt at building an online presence by starting off lackluster. It’s hard to re-establish the brand if the first impression is negative. Therefore, you need to satisfy those needs.

What Needs to Happen before the Launch

How to Use Local SEO to Attract New Consumers in Your Area

Did you know that four out of every five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches? That’s why it is vital for local brands to increase their visibility online so that they can bring more local traffic to their business. If you want to boost visibility on the search engines, you will need to improve your local SEO.

Though similar to regular SEO, local search engine optimization requires specific, targeted techniques that aim to help you appear in more local search results. Below, we will provide four simple ways that you can improve your local SEO to bring more local traffic to your business:

1. Claim your company’s local online directories

If you want to show up in local searches, then your business needs to be visible on all the relevant online directories. To get started, make sure that your business is listed correctly and consistently on major business directories like Yelp as well as regional directories that feature local business listings, like the Chamber of Commerce or the local newspaper.

How to Use Local SEO to Attract New Consumers in Your Area

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

Is your email communication “intimate enough?”

In other words, do you put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and dig in deep to figure out the actual frame-of-mind of your target audience before writing your email copies?

If yes, good for you. Why? Because your emails opt-in rates could climb.

If your answer is no, be sure, your emails would get buried alive under the mountains of other emails that tend to litter the audiences’ inboxes these days.

Like it or not, emails are the heart of eCommerce these days. And, marketers should make sure that websites get the best click through rates through emails than tweets or other social media. According to Mario Veloso’s book “Web Copy That Sells,” websites make 90% sales through emails. So, it’s really important for them to be intimate, immediate and in-the-face.

Long story short: If you want to fuel conversion rates of your website, make sure you tap into the users’ frame-of-mind before writing a single line of your email copy.

Putting yourself in recipient’s shoes will help you craft an email copy that perfectly resonates with the target audience.

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

The Benefits of Open Source CMS Software [Infographic]

Open source software powers some of the most powerful content management systems used by everyone from governments to e-commerce businesses. It has come a long way from being something that people tinkered with.

Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress all use open source software to power their frameworks and provide millions of users with easy-to-use content management systems for little to no cost. These content management systems prove that it’s possible to go open source with software and provide security, stability, and support at a level that matches, even beats, the closed source software providers.

Once upon a time, creating websites required coding experience and extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to get the results you wanted. The implementation of open source software for content management systems changed all of that.

Why Your Business Needs to Start Using Video

Over a decade ago, companies began to explore a novel concept called blogging. Early adopters and subject matter experts began writing their thoughts and addressing issues to be posted on their company sites.

They surely didn’t know it then, but this was an early indication of a game changing evolution in the way companies connected with their audience.

Around the same time, a fledgling online company called Google was starting to find it’s footing and take control of the search engine market. As more and more users regularly used the internet, they began to depend on search engines to help them find answers to their questions.

This is why today we so often “Google it” when we have a problem that we are trying to solve.  Those searches usually bring us to just the right blog post that was designed to appeal to someone like us.

Youtube Views

Work Email Trends After Hours

When it comes to work-related emails, most everyone would agree that less is more.  The sad reality is that Americans are dealing with more work related email, both in the office and out of the office. This according to new survey data from email marketing service provider Reachmail.

They surveyed 1,000 Americans who use email regularly for work to find just how much work-related email Americans area dealing with on a daily basis.  The results may surprise you. They found that 54% of surveyed Americans are dealing with more email at work then they were three years ago.  This is somewhat surprising with the wide array of project management and messaging tools like Slack that were designed to help reduce our dependence on email.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the results from the survey.

How Will High-Level Writing Skills Help in Marketing

Have you ever thought about why many well-known companies succeed? Is the hard work of specialists, thousands of dollars invested, and a lot of luck, things that define the future of a company? The answer to this question is not that far-fetched. Actually, a good advertisement well-executed can make any business successful. You only need to know what can present you in a good light before your targeted audience.

Many prominent companies still use written ads in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. But it is very important to provide high-quality and well-written advertisements. A good text or slogan will always remain in the minds of consumers and convince them to make a purchase. A competent writer always knows how to skillfully and creatively portray the traits of a company.

How Will High-Level Writing Skills Help in Marketing