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Advanced Search Queries for a White Hat Approach to SEO

Google gets about 78% of the worldwide search traffic, and this is precisely what makes most webmasters focus primarily on ranking in Google, over other search engines. However, Google has really evolved over the past few years when it comes to fighting black hat SEO techniques.

Simply blasting your site with thousands of links no longer helps you get into the first page for your desired keywords as it used to back in the day, but instead gets you a penalty faster than you can imagine.

That being said, it’s time to step up your SEO game and put in some serious effort into ranking your site. And if you’re willing to do that, then we have some really good news for you.

We will be sharing some little-known information on how you can get great links naturally using some advanced search queries and search operators. Read more

Three Hot Tips on How to Recover Your Lost SEO Ranking

The top management, and even SEO managers, tend to get extremely panicky when the site, or some pages with key content, drop in the search engine rankings. This is usually because the reason could be due to multiple factors as the SEO environment is extremely dynamic. The issue could be an internal rearrangement, activity by competitors or even the way the search engine algorithm works. To prevent unnecessary wastage of time, it is best to conduct an investigation into the probable reasons in a logical manner. Here are three useful tips to deal with the lost SEO ranking.

Three Hot Tips on How to Recover Your Lost SEO Ranking Read more