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The Battle of the Marketing Methods: Traditional vs Digital

Each business strives to grow and develop because even stagnation is a sure sign of failure. In order to achieve its goal, a company needs to constantly work on enlarging its client base, which means it has to use all available promotional tools and channels to reach as many new clients and stay in touch with the existing ones. How the problem of choosing the right advertising strategy is dealt with has a great effect on the overall performance of every company.

Some companies prefer traditional marketing methods because they have been successful in the past. That’s why we still see print ads, billboards or flyers distributed all over the world, and TV and radio commercials are still going strong. On the other hand, new advertising methods are taking the world by storm, reaching a much greater number of people in much less time for much less money. They are all Internet-related and include web pages, blogs, social media platforms and every other way of promoting a business online.

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How to Use Affiliate Marketing For Your Ecommerce Sites

Affiliate marketing essentially involves you partnering up with one or more experts in your niche to make them promote your products and services on a commission per sale basis. Every affiliate is assigned an exclusive link, which is tracked through pixels and cookies to follow the trail of the sales or reference that comes from that link. This is perhaps one of the most successful ways to drive traffic to your website.

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Creative Lead Generation Ideas Fueled By Consumers

The process of lead generation for various types of businesses is ever-changing. And without any doubt, the changing behavior of consumers is the driving factor of these lead generation changes. Gone are the days when traditional marketing alone can work wonders for your business. These days, both traditional and digital approach is necessary for lead generation.

It can be tough, especially for small and startup businesses like yours. It can be challenging to figure out what are the changes to come and what could be done to step up and address the needs of both your business and the consumers.

So before you dive into the deep waters of lead generation, here are creative ideas to create an effective lead generating machine for your business.

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Why Your Business Needs Google AdWords

The internet is now being accessed more via mobile devices than through laptops and PC, so there is a paradigm shift towards mobile technology. This has led to the explosion of app development. Business owners and business managers now run after app developers. The demand for the services of mobile app developers is at the highest level right now. The number of mobile apps being launched on a daily basis makes the app development world a highly competitive terrain.

Since there are millions of mobile apps available today, app developers have realized that mobile apps also need to be optimized just like webpages and websites otherwise mobile apps will remain lost in the crowd. One of the commonest methods adopted by mobile app developers to optimize apps is by using Google AdWords.

Google AdWords are keywords people are expected to type into the Google search engine when looking for certain products or services. As a company, you are supposed to link these keywords to relevant landing pages on your website. This means that when you adopt keywords like “Buy a cheap raincoat”, you are supposed to link it to the exact landing page on your website that has all the raincoats you offer and the price of each of them. It is wrong to link it to your home page as it will waste the prospective buyer’s time and also earn you a low quality score.

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