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Traditional Advertising Tracking Is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to traditional advertising tracking you are clueless. Right? It happens a lot and there is no shame in that as big data and online advertising tracking tools are making us blind without them. This article explains traditional advertising tracking and why it is easier than you think.

Technically, traditional media buying platforms and selling platforms like Gainbuzz have rolled up their sleeves to make your offline media marketing experience or ad campaigns a Spartan process. Are you a buyer? Simply list, plan and buy. Even if you are an offline media asset seller you can sell your prime assets directly to the buyers through Gainbuzz’s online media selling platform.

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6 Books For Marketers to Read Now

This time of year, I really put that Audible subscription to work. The Christmas rush is over and everyone is out on holiday. I read a lot, so while I search for my next favorite marketing books, check out my list of six books for marketers to read now.

1. Ogilvy On Advertising

I’ve written a few times about why I read Ogilvy on Advertising every year. And this year is no different. Every time I read it, I get something new from it. I like the evidence-based, approach Ogilvy had to his advertising and messaging. And because humans think the same way now as they did then, many of the lessons are still relevant.

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How to Protect Marketing Companies from Unlawful Advertising Suits

The world of marketing is exciting. The job of a marketing firm is to make a product, brand, or service, irresistible to the general public. If a marketing team is marketing a widget, they want to make their widget look better, sound better, and appear more of a value, than any other widget on the market.

Marketing teams are creative. They push the line. They look for the new, unusual, and untapped method that will get their widget noticed. Their creations are unique and exciting, But, are they legal? Sometimes there is a fine line determining what is and is not legal regarding the marketing of your widget. Crossing that line, even inadvertently, results in unlawful advertising lawsuits, loss of money, and a bruised reputation. This is something marketing firms want to avoid at all cost.

Be Proactive

The law is an ever-changing field. It takes a skilled attorney with experience in the world of advertising laws to ensure your marketing plans are legal. You need a partnership with a legal expert to prevent you from making mistakes. Read more