How Social Networks and Blogs Can Help Your Business Development

The modern-day marketing scene is nothing like what it used to be just a stone’s throw of years back. Nowadays, it’s all about SEO, keywords, backlinks, and content marketing. More so than these aspects, it’s also about social networks and blogging.

However, many businesses are struggling to see how these social networks, and blogs, are able to help their business develop and, therefore, expand, helping them to become increasingly successful. Today, we’re going to explore several ways these platforms can help you transform your business into something amazing.

How Social Networks and Blogs Can Help Your Business Development

Why Companies Should Care About Virtual Reality in Marketing

Technological innovations continue to impact digital marketing, and perhaps one of the most intriguing tools to enter the landscape in the past few years is virtual reality (VR).

Virtual reality refers to an artificial, computer-generated environment that uses cutting-edge graphics, as well as audio and aural sensations, to help users feel as if they’re in a real world where they have the freedom to interact with – and sometimes manipulate – what’s around them. Most VR experiences are usually generated through the use of specialized headsets that fully immerse a person in the virtual world.

Although the use of VR in digital marketing has not yet taken off and gone mainstream, some brands are trying to experiment with this technology to create a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers; this makes sense considering the fact that it’s a technological device that’s expected to play a major role in the way business operate their product, according to Ohio University.

Why Companies Should Care About Virtual Reality in Marketing

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business in 2017. No Matter What Industry You’re In

Radio and TV ads are a thing of the past. Millions of people have Internet access through their laptops, phones, or cyber cafes. In fact, we are truly living in the digital age right now. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have peaked in the past few years as social media platforms. As a result, marketers have left no stone unturned to promote their businesses on these platforms over the last few years. They have almost become saturated for this reason.

Although most marketers are promoting their business on numerous platforms, their main focus is Facebook. It’s true that Facebook has a large audience. However, there are many other great platforms with unique features for your business. Snapchat is the newest, and therefore growing, platform that represents a unique opportunity to increase your company’s community engagement, brand visibility, and loyalty overtime.

A large majority of users on Snapchat are millennials (and even younger than that), but this is a prime audience to market to because they are the future’s consumers. That’s why it’s important to leverage Snapchat’s innovative software and marketing techniques to take your business to the next level in 2017.

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business in 2017. No Matter What Industry You’re In

6 Essentials for Small Business Success

Maintaining an independent venture can now and then feel like a juggling demonstration. Regardless of the extent of your group, you require all the assistance you can get the opportunity to run deals, advertising, operations, fund and HR. Also, this is simply to keep business as usual. In what manner can an entrepreneur discover an opportunity to develop their business with this action going on?

Having the correct innovation set up can help answer that inquiry. This will enable any independent company to do what they specialize in – however far and away superior and with more benefit – and free up time to concentrate on development.

Consider your present frameworks and procedures in view of the accompanying six thoughts.

6 Essentials for Small Business Success

The Marketing Genius of McDonald’s [Infographic]

McDonald’s is a global force to be reckoned with in the fast-food industry. While its nearly 37,000 locations are fewer than Subway’s 44,000+ locations, McDonald’s pulls in more than twice the revenue – $25 billion versus Subway’s $12 billion. This infographic is a timeline of important chapters in the McDonald’s story.

Readers of the Marketing Eggspert blog, however, won’t be surprised to find we think the difference has as much to do with marketing as anything else.

If we had more space, our timeline would include retiring the original mascot, a rather frightening-looking man named “Speedee” with a hamburger-shaped head wearing a chef’s hat, and creating instead the instantly lovable Ronald McDonald (although the rise of anti-clown sentiment in recent years may keep him on the back burner). Then there’s the McDonald’s-Monopoly promotional game that has been hugely popular in the three decades since it was first introduced in 1987.

McDonald’s continues to crush it even after 70 years!

Thanks to Franchise Chatter for explaining further in this infographic.

Choosing the Right Influence Type for Your Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

Have you ever seen popular figures on social media reach out to their followers about a new product or service that they enjoy? Whether these endorsements are natural or part of an advertising agreement, the results can be more effective than many other types of marketing. Think of it like an amped-up version of word-of-mouth advertising — as an example of this type of publicity. Just imagine how awesome it must be for authors to have their works featured on Oprah’s Book Club! Indeed, content promoted at the Oprah level is practically guaranteed to succeed.

Even if this degree of influence is beyond your reach (or inapplicable to your industry), there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Before you reach out to a person who seems appropriate for your business, consider which type of influencer is right for you, whether working with a smaller or larger influencer is best for your goals and exactly how viable this type of relationship will be for you. As the individual you work with will likely be in the same industry, you might even consider promoting each other’s content mutually to achieve the best possible results.

Either way, you’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure this content strategy is the best approach for your business. Download this white paper from CopyPress and Intellifluence for information on how to choose and gauge the perfect influencers for your marketing efforts as well as a few red flags indicating that it’s time to move on from an influencer relationship.

Why Does Your Business Need Internet Marketing to Survive in Today’s Competition?

Running a business is not an easy thing, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur who is ready to risk time as well as money. Risking money and efforts is fine, but risking the things without any strategies or goals will be sheer foolishness. You need to keep pace with recent business trends. You need to be careful on selecting the right strategies for business promotions. It has to be remembered that businesses are developed upon various exciting tactics as well as strategies. Many entrepreneurs fail to put enough effort into building the right marketing strategy. As a result, such businesses cannot sustain in the longer race.

Why Does Your Business Need Internet Marketing to Survive in Today's Competition?

The Most Important B2B Digital Marketing Statistics in 2017 [Infographic]

Here at Bubblegum Search we saw that it’s relatively easy to find statistics about B2C digital marketing trends, but much harder to find up-to-date B2B statistics.

So, we researched and collated some of the most important email, content, mobile, search and social marketing statistics, and created this infographic to help guide you towards a winning B2B digital marketing strategy for 2018.

How Prepared Is Your Business for Mobile Ads?

Making the most out of mobile advertising is a must for all types of businesses because it is more manageable and budget-friendly compared to traditional marketing avenues. Particularly, small and medium-sized businesses can make the most of mobile ads by using them to increase their online presence and boost customer interaction especially on social networking sites. It can also bridge the gap between business owners and mobile phone-based potential customers by boosting SMS-based customer service software and communication if they are employing one.

We can keep on discussing the advantages of mobile advertisements, and you, in turn, can incorporate these benefits into your trade. However, the real question we need to focus on first is this:

Is your business currently equipped for mobile ads and how prepared will it be in the coming years?

How Prepared Is Your Business for Mobile Ads?

Healthcare Stats Every Digital Marketer Must Know in 2017 [Infographic]

With an increased number of patients becoming active online to find a solution to their healthcare related problems and queries, the healthcare industry cannot just neglect having an effective and robust digital marketing strategy. To help healthcare organizations determine the best online marketing strategy for their brand, here are a few digital stats every marketers needs to pay attention to. Have a look at this infographic, presented by MedicoReach, a leading healthcare marketing company based in Texas, USA. 

Advertising In The Digital Age: Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t belong to some form of social media platform in order to build a community and drive traffic to your website – which is exactly the whole point behind social media platforms. For small business owners, who may not have the budget to employ the expertise of a digital marketing agency, it’s always a great idea to have a few key social media marketing tips up their sleeves; specifically for advertising purposes.

Remember, although the whole point of owning a few pages on various social media pages is to drive traffic back to your website, it still remains a social activity where individuals connect. Thus, in order to connect with your fans successfully whilst advertising your brand, it’s important to keep the following digital marketing tips for small businesses in mind.

Advertising In The Digital Age: Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses