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Use Analytics to Drive Lead Generation

If you’re a business, you want more leads, right? And you’re almost certainly using your website to try and generate more leads, right?

(If not – you really should be…)

So how can you utilise the free Google Analytics data that is so readily available, for driving more and more leads to your business through your website?

Read on for an outline of some of the easiest – yet most overlooked – things you can be doing to get more value from your online presence, through the use of Google Analytics.

{If you don’t use AdWords to promote your site, you can probably skip the next section – though it’s quite short and contains some useful info anyway!}

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5 Things Your Marketing Team Can Learn From the Internal Sales Department

Sales and marketing are two departments that must perform optimally for a company to successfully operate and be profitable. The two departments are responsible for a variety of different tasks, but are similar in scope and essence – both facilitate sales.

A marketing team’s efforts lie at the heart of the sales pipeline. Its primary goal is to help the sales department maximize profit and close sales deals. Setting the stage for the sales team, the marketing team is responsible for familiarizing the customer with the products or services using various mediums like PR, advertising, or events. Engaging and generating leads with content such as blogs, newsletters, infographics, and videos is the marketing team’s responsibility as it plays an essential role in bringing customers in.

5 Things Your Marketing Team Can Learn From the Internal Sales Department Read more