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5 Practical Time Management Hacks Every SEO Marketer Should Master

Unfortunately for digital marketers, time is not always on our side, especially nowadays when our services are highly in demand. As more businesses realize the power of going online, many seek professional SEO and marketing services to improve their visibility. The more clients you cater, the more challenging it becomes to manage your time.

Distractions are everywhere regardless if you’re office based or remote based. Especially for us who are always online and dependent on the internet for research materials, it is easy to get lost in the pile of work that’s needed to be done on a daily basis.

With countless projects, balancing deadlines, and trying to check off a laundry list of emails, analytics reports, and client support that we need to juggle on a daily basis, you can get off track in a snap leaving you with unfinished projects and a heap load of stress.

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5 Signs You’re Using Marketing Automation Too Much

There’s no doubt that marketing automation has been a cost-effective business strategy. A Nucleus Research study showed that marketing automation increases sales productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing overhead by 12.2%. When it comes to email marketing, automated emails can reach up to 119% higher click rate than regular email blasts. This statistic is consistent with another study by Jupiter Research showing that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

All these numbers can give enough reasons for you to dedicate a portion of your budget to marketing automation, particularly on email. However, like any other things, too much of a good thing can bring you more harm than benefit. Marketing automation must be done with caution to avoid abuse.

The big question here: How will you know when it’s too much? I’ve listed down some key points to help you determine if you are on the verge of abusing marketing automation.

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The Benefits of Open Source CMS Software [Infographic]

Open source software powers some of the most powerful content management systems used by everyone from governments to e-commerce businesses. It has come a long way from being something that people tinkered with.

Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress all use open source software to power their frameworks and provide millions of users with easy-to-use content management systems for little to no cost. These content management systems prove that it’s possible to go open source with software and provide security, stability, and support at a level that matches, even beats, the closed source software providers.

Once upon a time, creating websites required coding experience and extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to get the results you wanted. The implementation of open source software for content management systems changed all of that. Read more