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Trending Brands Vs Established Category Leaders and How They Stack Up in Google Search

Innovation and disruption is constantly happening in marketing across the country. In both business and social spheres, there’s constant talk about how hot new brands are breaking into various markets. Take for example Venmo which has emerged as serious competition for Paypal in the payments apps market. Waze is another example of an emerging brand taking away business from an established market giant like Google maps. But when it comes to how consumers are searching for brands, are they really opting for new and emerging brands in place of established category leaders? Read more

Business Gifts: Why It Is Tricky Etiquette

Contrary to popular belief, sending out gifts to customers is more challenging than meets the eye. How do you know what the people want and need when you haven’t had the chance to meet them all in person? How do you make the difference between a gift that’s suitable, and a gift that’s not?

In some circumstances, getting personal is a good thing. But you’re not advised to do that all the time. Not everyone has a sense of humor, for example. Business gifts are tricky business. We’ve laid out some best practices to adhere to.

Business Gifts: Why It Is Tricky Etiquette Read more

Small Business Marketing Mistakes: Turning Hubris Into Opportunity

As a small business owner in particular, it’s always important to remember that the true value of what you’re offering has nothing to do with a particular product or service. Okay, that might be a bit of an over-simplification — obviously what it does and how well it does it matters a great deal.

But in order to attract the attention of the right kinds of consumers and in order to separate yourself in an admittedly crowded marketplace, you need to understand that your chief commodity is one of experience.

When every aspect of your brand is considered as one small part of a much larger whole, you’re trying to offer your customers the type of experience they’re not going to get anywhere else.

This is a delicate balancing and, try as hard as you’d like to prevent it, it will lead to marketing mistakes every now and again.

Small Business Marketing Mistakes: Turning Hubris Into Opportunity Read more

How Brand Strategy Can Influence Out-and-Out Creativity

The key aspect of an effective brand strategy is its ability to successfully communicate the message and value to the audience. This communication has to be established in such a way that it positively affects the forming of an emotional bond between the customers and the brand.

The effectiveness of the brand-customer bond heavily relies upon the creativity of the team in charge of the branding strategy. Today, we are here to talk about the relationship between brand strategy and creativity in all its different aspects.

How Brand Strategy Can Influence Out-and-Out Creativity Read more