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Brand Experience: The Social Media Way

Social media is the widely chosen medium today to engage and network within a targeted industry. Businesses are increasingly using social media because of the high engagement level and broader market reach. As per statistics, a higher number of consumers interact with brands on social media. Brands that are active and respond to customer queries on social media platforms create a positive influence on the audience and helps in building loyalty. In this infographic, get a detailed statistical overview of how social media encourages impacts brand experience.

Personal Brands

5 Easy Ways Entrepreneurs Can PR Their Personal Brands

In the rich digital world we inhabit today, there are few things that a dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur can’t achieve on their own — you can sell online without any support, network with anyone you can reach without any introductions, educate yourself however you like with no formal course, and (of course) establish a substantial following through their own initiative. In times gone past, PR was seen as a third-party service. Any business that wanted to improve its image would hire a PR firm to take charge of everything from sending out press releases to issuing formal responses to major queries. These days, things have changed — preferring to work as economically as possible, entrepreneurs like to keep things in-house when working on their personal brands. After all, a personal brand loses its impact the more people get involved.

It isn’t easy to run your own PR, though, no matter how business-savvy you happen to be. Personal brands are delicate and complicated things, and even the smallest tonal flub can lead to a radical change in how an entrepreneur is perceived. Being careful is absolutely vital.

Getting good results doing your own PR, then, is all about efficiency: achieving the greatest impact at the lowest cost with the most minimal level of risk. If you’re planning to do just that, consider working the following 5 easy tactics into your strategy to PR personal brands:

Creating Space In Kensington

When Analog Marketing Goes Where Digital Can’t

While I wouldn’t say that I’ve been anti-analog marketing, I have built Egg around the perks of reaching customers online…that is, until now.

I recently launched a creative workshop business that is hyper-local: I host creative classes at businesses in my neighborhood, so suffice it to say that 85%+ of my customers live within a few blocks of me.

Writing A Business Book

4 Myths About Writing a Business Book

I’m a firm believer that writing a business book is a fantastic marketing strategy. Not only do you educate your market, but you also establish thought leadership in your industry. Think about it: if you were considering hiring someone to…
Punch Bowl San Diego

When You Put Money into the Wrong Customer Experience

If you’ve read any of my posts, particularly those I write for Forbes, you know I write from experience.

Recently I visited a restaurant/entertainment complex in San Diego, and the experience left me less than satisfied. I’ve reflected on it, and come to the conclusion that the problem was this:

The owners invested money into the wrong aspects of the business.

Pr Bootcamp

How to Pitch Yourself as an Expert to Broadcast Media

Recently I spoke about influencer marketing at PR Bootcamp in New York City. Just before my presentation, a panel of editors and producers from television programs like Dr. Oz and The Today Show talked to an audience of public relations professionals about getting products and experts on their programs.

While Egg doesn’t have many consumer product brands as clients, we do have a lot of industry experts, so I perked up when they talked about how experts could get booked on the show, even if they weren’t celebrities.

Creating A Market

What a Hot Socks Brand Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Creating a Market

Originally Published in

The first time I saw them, I wrinkled my nose in disgust. They’d arrived in my FabFitFun subscription box, their garish pink color and 10 grippy toes mocking me. I had no use for such frivolity in my life, so I tossed them into my giveaway pile.

A few weeks later, I signed up for classes at a new Pilates studio in my neighborhood. The website read: “New students must have toe socks, which can be purchased in the studio.”

Wait, hadn’t I thrown out some of those? Given that they retail for $16 a pop, I was desperately hoping I hadn’t taken my giveaway box to the thrift store. I hadn’t. So I donned my neon pink, five-toed grip socks and headed to Pilates.

One year later, I’m a convert. What in the heck happened in the space of 12 months to change my outlook on ToeSox? Turns out the brand knows what it’s doing.

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Business Branding

In this latest Marketing Eggspert round-up it’s all about business branding. I have collated posts including business gifts, basic branding, trending brands, self-branding, brand strategy, branding for small businesses and more.

The Gifts My Small Business Clients Give to Me

This time of year, I’m typically writing articles about the importance and value of sending clients gifts. While I completely advocate doing so (and am pretty proud that I ordered my client gifts in November!), this post is about something more intangible.

I’ve been in business nearly 12 years. While I’ve worked with my share of divas and slave drivers, I have to say, I’m pretty proud to have a roster of clients who genuinely are a joy to work with.

Not every entrepreneur is so lucky.

small business gifts

I’m reflecting on the many gifts I’ve gotten from them. Not cookies and flowers, though I occasionally am delighted to receive those, but more lessons and experiences that help me be better as a business owner.

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