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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an online business networking platform with over 175 million users. It has a more formal tone compared to other social media channels and is used to showcase your professional skills. But in order to maximize the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer, there are several common mistakes it’s best to avoid.

How Should New Businesses Build Trust on Social Media?

Brands from all over the world are now turning to social media to build their online presence. Social media has provided a level ground for businesses of all shapes and sizes to advertise and communicate with their target audience directly. Virtually everyone is on social media now, and brands are leveraging this fact through excessive advertising on the platform.

In the middle of it all, the question of trust is getting lost somewhere in the haystack. Think about it: everyone is advertising, everyone is looking to build an online presence; there is brutal competition but where is the trust factor? Business transactions have always happened on the basis of trust. A customer will only stick to a brand if they trust it.

How Should New Businesses Build Trust on Social Media?

Social Media Marketing for Brick & Mortar [Infographic]

Over the last number of years, we have witnessed the proliferation of smartphones and social media platforms. Walking down the street in any city around the globe, it would be difficult not to pass someone who is using their smartphone and likely using some form of social media. These social media platforms are massive business nowadays and Facebook, which is the largest of the group in terms of user numbers, claims that it now has over 2 billion users.

Social Media Marketing is important for offline businesses too

One might be forgiven for thinking that these platforms are only for those businesses that thrive online however that could not be further from the truth. When people enter your store and even before they enter the store, they’re likely searching details about the store online; they could be searching for information about opening hours, location, reviews and so on. Therefore it’s imperative that your store has a social media presence in some form.

Social Media Marketing for Brick & Mortar [Infographic]

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Social networking is among the most popular online activities, which boasts high user engagement rates and offers growing mobile possibilities. Social network penetration across the globe goes on increasing. According to Statista, in 2017, 71% of Internet users were social network users.

Marketing your small business on the social networking platform, Facebook, is of immense importance to your success. Facebook enables brands to connect with their fans directly, and that’s the reason why marketers put lots of effort into generating Facebook fans. Tens of millions of fans are following major companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, and Nike on Facebook.

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business. No Matter What Industry You’re In

Radio and TV ads are a thing of the past. Millions of people have Internet access through their laptops, phones, or cyber cafes. In fact, we are truly living in the digital age right now. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have peaked in the past few years as social media platforms. As a result, marketers have left no stone unturned to promote their businesses on these platforms over the last few years. They have almost become saturated for this reason.

Although most marketers are promoting their business on numerous platforms, their main focus is Facebook. It’s true that Facebook has a large audience. However, there are many other great platforms with unique features for your business. Snapchat is the newest, and therefore growing, platform that represents a unique opportunity to increase your company’s community engagement, brand visibility, and loyalty overtime.

A large majority of users on Snapchat are millennials (and even younger than that), but this is a prime audience to market to because they are the future’s consumers. That’s why it’s important to leverage Snapchat’s innovative software and marketing techniques to take your business to the next level.

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Business in 2017. No Matter What Industry You’re In

8 Essential Online Writing Tools to Create Selling Social Media Posts

Drafting posts for social media is a cumbersome process. A lot of times, you have to re-write your posts several times before posting them for the world to read. Framing catchy captions is a herculean task in itself. Writers are always on the lookout for trendy content to be added along with their social media posts, so as to garner maximum likes and comments. You will be glad to know that you need not worry about any of this anymore.

This blog aims at providing you with a list of helpful tools that will reduce your stress while posting online. Given below is a list of 8 essential online writing tools that will certainly help in creating social media posts that sell.

8 Essential Online Writing Tools to Create Selling Social Media Posts

6 Facebook Marketing Tricks to Avoid That Will Only Waste Your Time

Facebook has been the top-most rated social media in product marketing today. Product branding and advertisements are done through posting contents that showcase and flaunt the products information.  There are many strategies and tricks available to all Facebook marketers everywhere, but there are also a lot of common misconceptions and mistakes they should avoid.

These are the top 6 Facebook marketing tricks every social media marketer should avoid.

6 Facebook Marketing Tricks to Avoid That Will Only Waste Your Time

Tips for Successful Community Building on Twitter for Your Brand

Twitter was launched in 2006 and despite being considered by several big companies as one of the top social media networks, many companies still do not understand how they can successfully monetize it. Some understand that it’s important to have a Twitter profile, and to generate engagement from your followers, but most do not have a successful strategy to achieve that goal.

Share what people want to read

This may seem obvious, but many treat Twitter as a place to just promote their own agenda. It is important to remember that your customers do not care about your schedule. Instead, focus on delivering content that will engage, content that your specific audience wants. Use pictures with motivational phrases, people love it, and the chance to share is too big. It’s important to note that this type of content cannot generate direct sales, but it can help create a community that you like and trust. This, consequently, can increase sales for your business.

Tips for Successful Community Building on Twitter for Your Brand

5 Ways You Can Curate Your Instagram Feed Like A Pro

In this day in age, you need to be prominent on social media if you’re a small business. The problem? Knowing which social network to choose. With social media giants and newbies alike constantly competing for the next top spot in the online marketing industry, it can seem like you need to be everywhere to have a reasonable impact (or make any sort of dent in your online sales goal!) But the truth? It only takes one to really send you to the top.

For us, that’s Instagram. Back in 2010 when they first came on the scene, it was merely a cool place to share photos of the last night out with your friends, cool food pics (um, have you seen all of the toppings on my Sunday Funday Bloody Mary?) and maybe for the smartest of us, an occasional post promoting your up and coming venture. But now, it’s really not a choice but to be on the photo sharing app.


No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

While social media can be a great tool to market your business, it’s easy to get stuck into a monologue. You are tweeting constantly, but it feels like every tweet falls into a void – no replies come back from the other side and nobody gets involved in an engaging dialogue.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy and stop overwhelming your audience with tweets that lead to no engagement. How to do that?

Here are 7 ways to make your business more conversational and gain better engagement.

No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

7 Tips To Boost Your Business’s Engagement On Social Media

Like many businesses, you’re using social media as an effective marketing platform. Right now, you’re doing ok, but you could have better engagement with your audience. This guide will show you how to get the most out of every post you make online, and really boost your engagement. Give them a try and see just how much it improves.

7 Tips To Boost Your Business's Engagement On Social Media

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