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Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Small Business

Keeping the forward momentum can be hard when entering the unknown territory. With so many pitfalls and bumps on the road to success, every mistake could prove to be fatal. A fragile business organization without solid foundations and recognizable brand can bite the dust in no time. Learning how to run business the hard way is not preferable if you can learn from the experience of others when starting a small business.

Eureka, I have found it

Brilliant ideas and grand dreams are fine, but facts and figures rule the business world. You need to put everything on paper and form a business plan. Set tangible and measurable goals, and define the means for their fulfillment. The most important thing is to determine due dates and financial resources needed to pull this off. You cannot find your gold mine without any digging. So, come up with the right business strategy and muse on its proper execution.

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How Digital Integration Can Contribute to a Successful Brand

When it comes to creating a brand, or expanding an established brand, nothing today is more important than a thriving digital presence. Most of the key marketing elements for business success — including customer retention, new customer acquisition and expanding the reach of revenue-generating activities — depend on a strategy that embraces the Internet’s full potential.

Yet with so many digital and media channels to choose from, how does a small business determine the most effective venue in which to pursue this strategy?

The answer lies in the effective integration of those channels and platforms to contribute to a successful brand strategy. “Integration” involves more than simply coordinating different, silo-based marketing efforts. The process, says marketing communications specialist Saman Mansourpour, “means offering tailored brand experiences at every customer touch-point, and this is what causes marketers the biggest headache.”

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Bricks & Mortar Retailers: Survival of the Fittest [Infographic]

The rise in online sales has no doubt presented a big challenge for bricks & mortar retailers. Retailers often see technology as being detrimental to their business, but what retailers need to realise is that they can use technology to their advantage.

Think of it this way. How often do you check reviews of products when you’re in-store on your phone? If you see that a product has good reviews you will likely buy the item immediately in-store. The average customer will not be willing to wait for a delivery unless there is a huge cost saving.  So in this instance, the retailer makes a sale thanks to the internet. Retailers should ensure that they have good wifi in stores, or they could miss out on the sale.

Another important factor is optimizing your web presence. 79% of Smartphone owners check information on local businesses on their devices, so it is important that retailers have all their important information easily accessible online.

As well as this, when a customer arrives in-store, there needs to be more on offer than just a place to buy goods, and retailers must focus on turning their store into a ‘hub’. This infographic from Store Traffic outlines why retailers need to use advances in technology to their advantage, because if they do not, they risk falling further behind the pack. Read more

6 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring an SEO Company

A recent study found that nearly half (45%) of businesses hire SEO service providers based on a referral or existing personal relationship.  Why is this the case?

Well, SEO companies sometimes get a bad reputation. This stems from two factors:

  1. Some SEO companies deserve their bad reputation for engaging in shady tactics that could get your website penalized, and
  2. A lot of businesses are uninformed about SEO best practices and what a good SEO firm looks like.

So, many businesses rely on what they trust – their friends’ and colleagues’ opinions and experiences.

However, it is fully possible to find a great SEO firm without a direct referral. Heeding these warning signs will help you avoid a bad experience and put you on your way to finding an honest and knowledgeable SEO partner.

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