How To Get More Feedback On Content Quality for SaaS Companies

The quality of your website content has a significant impact on the success of your business. For one, it gives visitors a quick impression of your company’s excellence. Content quality also defines how easy it is for customers to find what your business offers.

More than 600 million blogs are on the internet today, and people add about 4,000 blog posts every minute. But let that not scare you into thinking you can’t stand out from the crowd, as most of these pages don’t receive any traffic from Google. 

A recent study by Ahrefs showed that a whopping 90.63 percent of all web pages don’t get organic search traffic. The study also showed that one of the reasons these pages don’t receive traffic is because they lack search intent.

That means the content on these pages doesn’t resonate with what users are searching for online.

5 Reasons to Love Micropreneurs—The Best Small Business Owner Traits

Originally published on AllBusiness.

Even though I’ve taken a full-time role writing content for a fintech company, I’m still running my content agency part-time. I will always be an entrepreneur at heart—nay, a micropreneur, which I’ve written about many times.

A micropreneur (or microbusiness) is one that operates on a very small scale, with no more than five employees. We micropreneurs are a breed all our own, and there’s plenty to admire about us. So let’s pat ourselves on the back for these small business owner traits, shall we?

Leverage Live Streaming

Live Streaming Part 1: How to Leverage Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

Discovering new strategies to grow your business is difficult. It is even more difficult when your competitors are following the same tactics. To differentiate yourself in the market, you need unique marketing ideas, and that is where leveraging live streaming can come into play. 

It is no secret that videos in general, bring in tons of views, traffic, and engagement. Cisco says that by 2020, over 82% of all internet traffic will be video. When it comes to live streaming, the online audience spends three times more time watching live videos than normal videos. Live streaming is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, mainly because of its potential to reach a broader audience in real-time. When you interact with your audience on a personal level, you instantly create an authentic connection with them. 

Increase Leads With Webinars

7 Ways to Increase Leads with Webinars

In today’s competitive business world, several digital marketing trends are being implemented to generate new leads. However, many of them have a lengthy process and require constant follow up with cold leads, leading to low conversion rates and substantial waste of time and resources. That’s why webinars have emerged as one of the most popular lead generation methods in the digital marketing industry.

Webinars are great for generating demand and nurturing leads without seeming pushy or intrusive. Since you are providing the audience with valuable information, webinars can at the very least, help you create brand awareness and establish brand recognition. But since the main motive revolves around lead conversion, it’s important to deploy tested methods for increased conversion rates. Read on to find out some of the sure-fire ways to increase leads with webinars.

Entrepreneur Energy

What Kind of Entrepreneur Energy Are You Bringing?

You might not put much thought into the energy you bring to your business, but it’s worth reflecting on. Your entrepreneur energy—how you feel about your business and your customers, and how you express that energy into the world—has a direct impact on the success of your business.

That energy attracts and repels things in your company. You’ve heard the saying, like attracts like. If you’re feeling negative, you’ll draw more bad stuff. You’ll soon wonder why this avalanche of bad luck is falling on you, but without an energy adjustment, you’ll continue your streak. On the other hand, if you can find a positive attitude, you’ll attract great customers and plenty of opportunity.

The choice is yours.

Let’s look at exactly what your entrepreneur energy is communicating.

Customer Journey

How the Customer Journey Has Changed in the Last Decade

Only nine years ago, direct mail accounted for more than half of all ad spend in the US. It worked pretty well, generating large amounts of money for direct mail advertisers.

And what did it mean for the customer journey?

Well, first of all, the customers didn’t enjoy that journey. They considered it to be rather unpleasant and they even coined the term “junk mail” to refer to the piles of unsolicited advertising material that was filling up their mailboxes every single day.

But not only that.

They disliked it so much that it led them to ask the government for protection.

And the government responded in 2003 with CAN-SPAM Act which, among other things, made it illegal for advertisers to send “junk mail” to those customers who opted-out from receiving it.

Today, the customer is more empowered than ever, and the customer journey should reflect that.

The customer journey today is more or less completely digitalized, there’s more information available than ever, feedback from customers is louder than ever, and brand loyalty doesn’t play such a big role in the buyer decision process when it’s so easy to search for an alternative.

Entrepreneur Edge

The Entrepreneur Edge: Learn from People Who are Smarter Than You

I’m one of those know-it-all people you love to hate. I’ve felt (up until recently) that there was little I needed to learn in the world of content marketing. After all, I’ve been in the industry for 15 years! But I’ve learned to set my ego aside in this matter, and as a result, I feel like I’ve achieved what I’d like to call the entrepreneur edge.

What’s the secret?

9 Instagram Marketing Features That Will Help Marketers Ace the Content Game This Year

Instagram is always adding new features, trying and testing algorithms, and keeping marketers on their toes. Because of the constant algorithm change, it becomes quite daunting for marketers to align their brands with its dynamic features.

In recent times, the social media giant has rolled out quite a few new features; marketers brace yourselves! Right from enabling people to create face filters to tagging a brand’s product on their post, Instagram is becoming a force to reckon with.

Here is a consolidated list of Instagram marketing features that will help you become a better marketer.

1. Hashtag Insights

Instagram has recently introduced a feature known as hashtag insights where you can check the number of impressions you’re getting organically. It will be a boon for brands in understanding their preferences, especially those who aggressively market on Instagram. It will also help brands in understanding which hashtags work for them and which don’t.

New Year's Business Resolutions

My New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2020

I know there are people who detest resolutions because they think they’re unattainable and pointless, but I’ve been creating New Year’s business resolutions and personal ones for so long, they’ve become a habit. No, I don’t always achieve them, but setting them for the coming year helps me align my mind with where I want to go.