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20 Questions to Help You With Your Business’ Vision

It’s easy to work on the day-to-day with your business, but what about the big picture? That’s the stuff you really need to develop to ensure that your company moves toward the goals you’ve set.


In each area of your business, there are questions you need to ask yourself to help with that vision.


Marketing and sales drive business. If you intend to grow, you have to keep developing innovative ways to reach clients. To that end, here are questions to help:

  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • Where are they spending time online?
  • What’s the most effective way for us to reach this audience?
  • Which efforts aren’t netting us good results?
  • What should we invest more in?

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3 Ways Technology Makes You Less Productive

Look at the world we live in. We’ve got every gadget, app, widget, and doodad we could ever imagine — and plenty we couldn’t have dreamed up — all designed to make us more productive. And if we dig deeper, we have to ask: does technology really make us more productive? While certainly there are some time-saving features we glean from many of the tools we use, there are still instances where technology holds us back or saps us of our time. Being aware of how technology rules us is important in taking back that time.



1. It Makes It Less Appealing to Be Disconnected

Remember the days when you could drive to the store in relative peace (save the screaming kids in the back seat)? There were no pings coming from your smartphone telling you that someone desperately needed an answer via text. Heck, we didn’t even have phones in our cars to distract us. Vacations, too, have become just another place for us to check work and personal email, browse our Facebook pages, and otherwise stay in contact with the rest of the world. Read more

How to Use Persuasive Writing in Your Marketing

Remember back in high school English class when you had to write a persuasive essay? Maybe you wrote to convince people to adopt a puppy or let you get a tattoo. You probably forgot about this critical assignment, since you haven’t used it since! But if you’re doing your own marketing for your small business, it’s time to brush off the dust from that part of your brain and put it into action.



Why We Need Persuasive Writing

Think about the purpose of marketing your business. You want to persuade people to buy your products. Well, first you want to persuade them to follow you on social, read your blog, or visit your website. Either way, there’s a whole lotta persuading going on. And there are specific words and techniques you can use to nudge people to do what you want. Ready? OK.

Use Persuasive Words

What words get you to do something? What kind of language lights a fire under you? Likely it’s copy that seems to speak directly to you, rather than to a rocket scientist.

You’ll come across the suggestion to write for an eighth grade audience for general writing. That’s because not everyone is well-read or knows a lot of $20 words. You end up alienating them if you write over their heads, so to start with, make sure your content speaks directly to your reader. Read more

Product Packaging Makes the Experience

I don’t write about product packaging much. After all, I’m a digital marketer. But I had an experience the other day that I thought noteworthy enough to blog about.

I’d asked Santa for a gift certificate from Shoes of Prey to custom design my own shoes (fun, right?). The experience was pleasant from the start. The shoes took about 10 minutes to create on the website, and while they took several weeks to actually make, I received weekly emails telling me which step in the process my shoes were in. That helped me stay connected to my purchase, and made me all the more excited to get them.

Then they arrived.


The black box opened to a beribboned package of paper-wrapped goodies. On top sat a black card, complete with wax seal with the company’s shoe logo. Color me impressed. Inside the envelope were a card saying how great the shoes were (pre-written, but my name was handwritten), some coupons, and care instructions. Oh, and a photo of my shoes so I could easily identify the box in my closet. How thoughtful. Read more