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How to Manage a Creative Freelancer When You Can’t Do it Yourself

Most small businesses do most of their marketing in-house but with the rise of services like Elance, it’s becoming easier and easier to outsource projects where time constraints or skills sets don’t allow you to do it yourself. Yet this can be difficult when you’re used to doing everything yourself. Having been both a creative freelancer and a client, I thought I’d share a few tips for effectively managing a creative freelancer when you can’t do the work yourself.


Write a Good Creative Brief

Working with a creative freelancer effectively starts and ends with communication. To make sure your starting the project off on the right foot, it’s important to take a moment to write down your brand, goals and reasons for the project, or a creative brief. This is an especially important if you haven’t worked with the freelancer before. since the creative brief will help scope their work and inspire them to deliver something worthy of you taking the time to outsource the work.  There are plenty of “How Tos” around writing a creative brief but I like this one from Watertight Marketing because it adds nuances that I think sets up your creative freelancer for success. Read more

Roundup: How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Marketing

Marketing this month is different than it is any other time of the year. To that end, I wanted to share the posts we’ve written about holiday marketing to help you succeed in reaching more customers before the new year.

How To Use Holidays in Your Content Marketing Plan

 Not sure where to begin in fitting holiday-themed content into your marketing strategy? Begin here. This post will guide you to writing useful holiday content that people will click, read, and share.

10 Holiday Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today 

Now that you’ve integrated the holidays into your marketing, here are some content ideas to get those creative juices churning. Use them as a jumping off point, then add your own flavor to them. Read more

4 Easy Ways to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert

After reading Maria Elena Duron’s post, Drop the Personal and Professional – You Are One Brand, I got thinking about personal branding. I think a lot of micropreneurs struggle to create a separate identity for their companies, when, in fact, they’re better off using their personal brand to represent the company. So I wanted to look at a few ways you can brand yourself and leverage that personal brand on behalf of your company.


1. Be Yourself

I can’t, for the life of me, maintain a stuffy “professional” facade for very long, especially in my writing and social updates. But I’ve actually found that people respond better to my conversational style of writing and my personal shares on Facebook. I try to keep my clients on my company’s Facebook page rather than my personal profile, but I am friends with a few clients there. And they’re the first ones to like pictures of me with my kids, silly updates, and the like. It’s no surprise to me that those clients are the ones I have the best relationship with.

What I’m saying here is this: being yourself is your brand. If you don’t make a big point of separating your life from your work, people will feel like they know you better. Now, I’m not saying post on social media without a filter. Maybe no one (clients included) needs to see a picture of you hung over after New Year’s. Just sayin’. Read more

Is Writing a Book One of Your 2015 Resolutions?

Being the author of a book in your area of expertise is a great way to brand yourself as a thought leader. People are impressed when you say “I’ve written a book,” even if it’s not a bestseller. But what if you don’t love writing, or don’t have the time to write it?


Call us. We have professional ghostwriters who have collaborated with well-respected small business leaders and helped them get their name in print.

Benefits to Working with a Ghostwriter

If ghostwriting is new to you, there are plenty of reasons to consider working with a writer. You get that book that’s been knocking around your head on paper (or digital paper, as it were), with your point of view and voice. Professional ghostwriters know how to write in your style, and you always get input into the direction the writing is taking. Read more