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3 Ways Your Web Presence Can Influence the Masses

In contrast to what every marketer seems to believe today, a great website is not purely defined by conversion rate. A stellar website profoundly influences the customer’s buying process to earn and maintain business for the long haul. The landscape of eCommerce is ever changing. Shoppers in the U.S. spent $226 billion in 2015 and $327 billion in 2016. Innovation in technology has reshaped the way people engage with businesses across the world.

To truly become influential, brands need to gear the overall experience to create value that consumers cannot get anywhere else. The key to getting to this level is finding an impactful way to build strong relationships that ultimately lead to brand loyalty. Let’s explore three ways you can create “wow moments” that will leave a lasting impression users everywhere.

1. Create an Intuitive Website

Let’s start with the website itself. An intuitive website is based on the concept of user-friendliness. It should seamlessly work to give the user everything they need without effort. An intuitive design is minimalistic and does not present any roadblocks whatsoever throughout the entire experience. In fact, a study found that a simplistic homepage can increase conversion rates by 261%.

Let’s examine an instance of an intuitively designed website – one promoting a city of the same name – Playa del Carmen:

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A Look at Trends in the Content Marketing Industry [Infographic]

Content marketing takes many shapes and styles, making it a versatile tool that you can mold to suit any market. Both B2B and B2C marketers have widely recognized the value and importance of content marketing. One of the hottest topics at the end of 2016 was how to budget appropriately for content marketing in the coming year. Nearly 40 percent of marketers expect their budgets to increase during the new year, from a current average of about 29 percent of a brand’s total budget.

If you’re looking toward spending more on your content marketing, it’s important to understand just what it is and how you can improve your efforts to create campaigns that will stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Eighty-four percent of marketing agencies expect content to become more important in the future, yet 58 percent of these agencies believe their clients know nothing about this area. Learn more about the state of content marketing so you can best leverage this valuable tool to your advantage. Read more

What Makes a Great Freelancer: Hiring Tips for New Business Owners

There comes a point with running a business when you’re going to need some assistance in accomplishing tasks. Whether you’re a one-man show who has an increased workload or you have a small team but they don’t possess the skillset you need to complete the job at hand, freelancers are an economically wise solution to the problem.

What are Freelancers?

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services to businesses. The services offered can vary depending on their skills but can include anything from clerical and administrative tasks to IT solutions, marketing, and financial support. Since freelancers work on a contractual or as needed basis, hiring them is often economically feasible to small businesses.

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10 Typical Mistakes Made by Novice Speakers on Presentations

Presentations help speakers to communicate their messages clearly to the audience. Sometimes people lose focus and concentration when a speaker talks endlessly from his notes. Some speakers can keep the audience engaged without a presentation but most people need presentations to keep the audience engaged. If you want to deliver your message effectively, avoid the following typical mistakes in your presentations.

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