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6 Books For Marketers to Read Now

This time of year, I really put that Audible subscription to work. The Christmas rush is over and everyone is out on holiday. I read a lot, so while I search for my next favorite marketing books, check out my list of six books for marketers to read now.

1. Ogilvy On Advertising

I’ve written a few times about why I read Ogilvy on Advertising every year. And this year is no different. Every time I read it, I get something new from it. I like the evidence-based, approach Ogilvy had to his advertising and messaging. And because humans think the same way now as they did then, many of the lessons are still relevant.

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PR on the Web: 4 Easy Steps for a Great Reputation

In the world of online business, reputation is everything. Whether you have a successful blog or an online store, consumers only know you by the presence you have online. Below are four PR tips you’ll need to keep a positive reputation on the internet.

1. Acknowledge, Don’t Bury

If you make your living online, you should simply assume you have no secrets. While it’s understandable that you will want to keep your private life private, there’s simply no use in ignoring a scandal. If something that will reflect negatively upon you happens, be the first to acknowledge it. This lets you stop the spin and, perhaps more importantly, stops rumors from spreading and hurting your reputation.

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Business PR: 5 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Company

Your public relations campaign has the ability to give you your highest returns on investment. Implement the right PR using modern technology and some of the classic techniques in a synchronized fashion. Below are some ideas that have worked for Fortune 500 companies.

#1. Social Listening

In order to have an effective public relations campaign, you need to know what to say and who to say it to! Fortunately, you do not have to guess at what your target audience wants. They are telling you everything that you need to know on social media. All that you have to do is listen.

Business PR: 5 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Company

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[EBOOK] Everything You Need to Write Killer Press Releases

If you’re looking for help with PR, we have several PR and press release ebooks and templates that can help you with your public relations:

How to Get More Customers with Press Releases ($19.95)

How to Get More Customers with Press Releases Cover

Everything you need to write press releases, as well as pitch them to the media. After reading it, you will be able to execute your PR strategy.

14 Secrets to Writing Press Release Headlines People Will Actually Read ($4.95)

headline book cover

The headline is everything. This guide will walk you through writing more effective and engaging press release headlines.

5 Minutes to Writing Your Press Release Boilerplate ($1.95)


Your boilerplate is an essential component of your press release. This is the quick and easy guide to writing a boilerplate.

Press Release Templates ($2.95 each)

Looking for an industry-specific press release template? Here’s what we’ve got: