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Tips for Successful Community Building on Twitter for Your Brand

Twitter was launched in 2006 and despite being considered by several big companies as one of the top social media networks, many companies still do not understand how they can successfully monetize it. Some understand that it’s important to have a Twitter profile, and to generate engagement from your followers, but most do not have a successful strategy to achieve that goal. It all starts with community building on Twitter.

Share what people want to read

This may seem obvious, but many treat Twitter as a place to just promote their own agenda rather than focusing on community building on Twitter. It is important to remember that your customers do not care about your schedule. Instead, focus on delivering content that will engage, content that your specific audience wants. Use pictures with motivational phrases, people love it, and the chance to share is too big. It’s important to note that this type of content cannot generate direct sales, but it can help create a community that you like and trust. This, consequently, can increase sales for your business.

Tips for Successful Community Building on Twitter for Your Brand

No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

While social media can be a great tool to market your business, it’s easy to get stuck into a monologue. You are tweeting constantly, but it feels like every tweet falls into a void – no replies come back from the other side and nobody gets involved in engaging dialogue.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy and stop overwhelming your audience with business tweets that lead to no engagement. How to do that?

Here are 7 ways to make your business tweets more conversational and gain better engagement.

No Monologues: 7 Smart Ways To Make Your Business Tweets More Conversational

The 4 Biggest Twitter Mistakes Companies Make

With an estimated 328 million users per month as of this writing, Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms for business…and yet Twitter mistakes are all too easy to make. If you think Twitter is declining or not important, consider what happened on Twitter with United Airlines after United’s most recent fiasco. Ignore Twitter at your peril.

Surprisingly, many companies still don’t seem to know how to use Twitter effectively and waste a terrific networking and sales opportunity. So, let’s look at the four most common and biggest Twitter mistakes that companies make on twitter.

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter

15 Best Practices For Twitter, YouTube, And Instagram

Chances are you’re familiar with these social networking and sharing sites: Twitter for quick exchanges with real and digital friends; YouTube for watching stand-up comedy and cute cat videos; and Instagram to get your dose of mouthwatering foodie photos and pictures of exotic locations.

However, using these networks to promote your brand and business is an entirely different story. And in this post, we’ll look at 15 best practices for Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram that you can apply today to take your social media marketing efforts (and results) to another level!

15 Best Practices For Twitter, YouTube And Instagram

Twitter’s Character Limit to Increase to 10,000: What Does This Mean for Businesses?

In the last few days, reports have emerged that Twitter’s famous 140 character limit could be increased to a giant 10,000 characters (the current size of its direct messaging feature) in the next few months. One of the biggest social media platforms going, Twitter has gained over 302 million active users since it began in 2006. However, since its launch 10 years ago, it’s not yet made a profit.

Twitter’s character limit of the original 140 characters initially began as a way to fit a single tweet into the space of an SMS (160 characters) but with SMS becoming more and more outdated, is the restriction still necessary? Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter says that more and more people are taking screenshots in order to share a message of longer length, or link to another site where more information can be given.

Twitter’s Character Limit to Increase to 10,000: What Does This Mean for Businesses?

Be Bigger on Twitter

First we learned how to leverage LinkedIn. Then we found more followers on Facebook. Now let's rock it on Twitter. Thanks again to WhoIsHostingThis for the infographic!

How To Make Your Twitter Work For Your Blog

Twitter is the best tool to hit the blogosphere in years free marketing has never been simpler! But if you’re a beginning blogger or simply someone who’s barely learned to create a Facebook account, Twitter can seem daunting. After all, if you don’t know how to use Twitter to your blog’s advantage, you’re just wasting your time. 

If you’ve been struggling to find ways to make Twitter work for your blog you need to come up with a plan. Here are a few steps to get you started so Twitter is a benefit, not a deficit to your blog.

Best Times to Post on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best tools for getting your message out there and to the masses fast. It’s short, simple and to the point, if used correctly, your message, whether it be personal or for business, could receive a lot of positive feedback. Here are the best times to post on Twitter and reach your followers:

Tweet Me

Forget Fridays altogether: Fridays are a dead zone for most social media platforms, especially Twitter. Any post or link you tweet on a Friday might as well be tweeted to no one. You can just assume that no one will see your tweet Fridays after 3pm. The majority of Twitter followers are focused on getting out of work and beating traffic to enjoy their weekend. Forget the Fridays and choose a time that will reach your audience better.

Monday through Thursday:  Weekends are slow traffic days for Twitter because this is a time that everyone is focused on their personal lives and doing activities outside of Twitter. So give your Twitter a break over the weekend and don’t bother tweeting anything of importance. Monday through Thursday are the best days for Twitter and getting your message out to more viewers and followers.

Highest traffic: Twitter is a tool that a lot of users have on their phones and most people keep their phones close by during the work day. Twitter usage on cell phones is one thing that employers cannot monitor, and since the typical work hours are 9 am to 3 pm, this is the best time to post on Twitter.  

Buffer Prevents Social Sharing Overload

This is from my post on Small Biz Trends. For many social media users, we read articles and blog posts first thing in the morning. Most of those we’d like to share with our networks, but we don’t want to…

5 Ways to Promote Sales Through Social Media

You're already using social media to interact with customers and now you want to make some sales. Great. You've come to the right place. Here are some surefire ways to promote sales through sites like Facebook and Twitter.
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