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Video Blogging to Promote Your Brand

Looking for something a little different (but not for long) to promote yourself, your brand or your blog? Consider video blogging. Basically you cover what you would in a typed blog, but you record yourself speaking about the topic.

Learn from LinkLove: Marketing vs. Advertising

My Sparkplugging buddy Dawud Miracle wrote a really good post raising the question of whether there is a difference between marketing and advertising. It’s a good question. Read the link and debate on marketing vs. advertising. He notes that the…

If It Works, Milk It

I’m sure you can think of several ad campaigns whose longevity surprised you: Got milk? (and all variations other companies used) Trust the Midas touch Milk: It Does a Body Good (milk must have some kind of marketing firm) Where’s…

Getting The Most Out of Your Marketing: Part III: Call to Action

So you’ve told the reader what’s in it for them. You’ve included a great marketing offer. Now what?


  • “Call now and we’ll throw in an extra Ginsu knife absolutely free!”
  • “Act now! Quantities are limited!”
  • “Discount good through January 30.”
  • “100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.”

Stimulate Your Readers to Take Action

You need a call to action. Something to stimulate your reader to get off his chair and call you or visit your website NOW. Without a call to action, he will put down your postcard/close your email and think he will come back to it later. At that point, you’ve likely lost him.

Advertising That Works (or Rather, Doesn’t): Cultural Sensitivity

You may have seen this Intel ad recently. It leaves a big question mark hanging over my head. I have to assume that such a big corporation wouldn't deliberately make a racist comment in advertising that likely cost several hundred thousand dollars. But what else are we to make of the subservient black men bowing down to the self-satisfied white man?

Advertising that Works: Giveaways

My pick this week for advertising that works is McDonald’s. First, let me stress how vehemently I have detested McDonald’s for years. I just don’t like their food. I hadn’t stepped into one in probably 10 years, but I have a 2 year old who likes Shrek, so I recently broke that boycott. I say all this to show you how good this advertising campaign is: it got me to go to McDonald’s.


On my AOL Instant Messenger bar is a little box that runs ads. Typically, I ignore it. But one day there was an ad for Mickey D’s for its Chilled Out Lounge.† I liked the font, so I moused over it to see what it was about. A coupon for a free vanilla iced coffee appeared. Aside from the fact I have had vicious cravings for iced coffee as of late, I was pulled in by the giveaway of something of value. I clicked.

A website popped up that showed a loungey room filled with mod furniture and mod people looking beautiful and detached. The concept, I believe, was that you could interact  with the people by clicking on some (not all) and seeing a talk bubble pop up. I actually was turned off by this. The people didn’t say anything important, and the interactive factor somehow missed the mark. However, there was a link for my free coupon for an iced coffee! And cleverly, you could email it to a friend. One feature I did like is that if you pushed the spacebar, it would appear to your boss that you were working on an important spreadsheet. But it’s not like there was enough on the site to actually warrant hiding the 3 seconds spent there from your boss.

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