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Target Your Prime Audience with Well Designed Display Ads

One of the main goals of an advertisement is to get people's attention. Ads need to do two distinct things: get people to stop what they're doing and take in all that the ad has to offer, and convince the consumer that clicking on the ad can solve their problems, whether that problem is the need for a particular service or the desire to purchase a particular product. This is why it's always important to target your prime audience with well-designed display ads for the highest possible sales and the best possible results.

3 Tips for Effective Small Business Video Advertising

With the advent of the Internet, the corporate playing field is becoming more level, as small businesses now have access to advertising methods that were previously reserved for larger companies. Many small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have begun utilizing custom video production and distribution services to extend their business outreach to targeted audiences around the world. Even though quality video advertising services are becoming more obtainable to SMEs, there are still many hurdles that a small business owner has to overcome when undertaking a video production and distribution project. The following three tips should help any small business maximize the benefits of video production and advertising solutions:

1) Be Concise and Clear during Consultations What is the message that you’re trying to convey to the target audience? Do you want to highlight specific products or services? When participating in a consultation with a video production company it is imperative to provide answers to the aforementioned questions as clearly as possible. While you may not be in charge of the technical aspect of producing your video advertisements, your goals and preferences will ultimately shape the finished product, so it is important to understand what you’re trying to accomplish before proceeding.

Creating a Market Where There Was None

Today I read an article on Mashable about a company doing something truly innovative (it’s rarer than you’d think). The company, Solve Media, is replacing those annoying Captcha boxes with advertising.

But it’s not annoying advertising.

So instead of seeing this at the bottom of a form you’re filling out online:


You’d see something like this:

And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather type in a brand slogan than erstwhile foregone. Half the time I get the Captcha text wrong and have to start over.

What Egg’s Up To

Just wanted to share some of what Egg Marketing is up to right now. We assisted authors Anita Campbell and David Langton in compiling their new book, Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and…

Dell Streak Review

Yet another fun toy from Dell! I first was introduced to the Dell Streak when I attended #DellCAP last year. It’s a touch device that is somewhere between a phone and a tablet. Its screen is 5 inches, so you get better viewing of videos, documents, websites, than you do an iPhone or Droid, but it’s a bit bulky for a phone, at least in my mind.

I took the Streak to Europe, where I was pleased to find out it was unlocked, and I could use my European SIM cards. The Dell site sells the Streak unlocked, but if you want to use 3G, you need to have an AT&T account. At any rate, the few times I used it to make calls, I decided it would have been easier with a bluetooth headset.

Windows Live Writer Rocks!

So I’m playing with the Inspiron One touch desktop (another post) and one of the best features on Windows 7 is Windows Live Writer. If you blog on multiple blogs like me, you’ll fall hard for it too. Essentially you…

Giving Away Pancakes: Why Free Rocks

Yesterday was National Pancake Day, according to IHOP. While I myself didn’t partake of the free hotcakes, many people did. And here’s why giving away pancakes rocks. People   love free things. To the point that they’re willing to pay…

Let the Public Vote on Your Ad Campaign

I’m a little slow to get through the stack of business magazines on my table, so forgive me for delivering this story a little late. Fortune Magazine asked 5 Detroit ad agencies to come up with an ad that would…

Order Pizza Through Facebook

Just a quick note and linklove. I dig what Pizza Hut has been doing. They recently rebranded, focusing on an updated red hut. We all know what that symbol means. And they’re embracing social media in an awesome way. They…

Secrets to Subliminal Marketing

I read an interesting article in Parade Magazine a few weeks ago about subliminal advertising. No, I’m not talking about Mr. Subliminal from Saturday Night Live. I’m talking about those subtle ways advertisers are pushing you to buy things without…

Jingle All the Way to the Bank

While I tend to put heavy emphasis on internet marketing, I have had to admit to myself that old school marketing is still relevant for many types of businesses. So today we're going to talk about jingles. Those silly, stuck in your head components of tv and radio commercials.
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