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Mastering The Art Of Local SEO [Infographic]

When tackling an SEO problem to make sure your local business sits on top of the search heap can be tricky. Unlike regular SEO, there are specific guidelines for local SEO that can bump up your ranking.

If you are stumped on how to improve your standing, the infographic below can set you straight. But before digging into all the information, here are the most indispensable criteria that affect how your website ranks locally. Read more

Why Your Business Needs SEO NOW (Infographic)

Technology allowed the business landscape to change and innovate. Because of the continuous emergence of different platforms and mechanisms in which companies may expand and develop, the market has been more crucial than ever before.

Business owners who want to adapt to the technology’s demands have heard it a hundred times before: a successful business needs SEO in order for it to remain successful and on the top.

SEO and search marketing play such a major role in the success of all businesses, regardless of industry. Almost every business, no matter the size, has some sort of web presence and they are all competing for a few positions at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s).

From producing high rankings in the search results to shaping a company’s brand and voice, SEO is a vital part of the success of any company.

This infographic will convince you why you need SEO for your business today.

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9 Steps to Achieving an Amazing Mobile User Experience & Avoiding SEO Demotion

In 2015 the Google mobilegeddon was a hot topic for SEOs who were positive that Google’s changing mobile ranking algorithm would see major demotions for unprepared websites. Despite the initial update going out in April 2015, the fun is still not over; we saw a new Google mobile friendly update in 2016, and we’re constantly learning more about Google’s plans for mobile search. Most importantly, Google is planning to make the mobile index its primary index, and has already been testing mobile-first search, which means websites need to be fully optimised in order to avoid SEO demotion when the mobile-first index is properly rolled out. You need to provide awesome mobile UX if you’re to compete in light of Google’s latest updates.

So what is mobile UX and how can you make it awesome? When it comes to mobile, users want to browse quickly, complete tasks with as few steps as possible, and consume content easily on small screens. To ensure you’re providing an amazing experience on mobile, we’ve outlined the best practices and essentials of mobile optimisation below.

Step 1: Check your website with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Rather than simply guessing as to whether your site is mobile-friendly, start by taking Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test which analyses any inputted URL and tells you whether or not its mobile-friendly, whilst providing a preview of how the page looks on a mobile screen. If the page isn’t mobile friendly, it will tell you exactly which issues need work, for example the text being too small or clickable elements being too close together. You then have a list of actionable issues to work on to improve your mobile UX.

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Combining SEO, SMM, and Adwords to Make a Success of Your Business

Promoting a business online is a multifaceted one these days. It is no longer enough just to do search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and paid advertisements using Google Adwords.

You need to do all of them in concert to make a success of your business without breaking the bank. However, establishing a symbiotic relationship with these three facets of online marketing is not always easy. Here are some issues you will encounter.

Combining SEO, SMM, and Adwords to Make a Success of Your Business Read more