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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Social Media Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Social Media Marketing

Everyone will have heard of social media marketing by now but do you know how to utilise the social media sites to do it right and get results? In this round up we discuss Facebook ads that convert, strategy for 2019, Instagram vs Facebook, a step by step guide, Linked In leads, Facebook ROI, analysing your social media marketing and more.

How to Get Your Facebook Ads to Convert into More Sales - There is no doubt that Facebook ads can help you engage more users, improve conversions, and drive incredible sales for your brand. However, the performance of your Facebook ads totally depends on the efficiency of your campaign strategy. Marketing Eggspert

How to build your social media marketing strategy for 2019 - To keep your brand from sitting on the sidelines, we’ve broken down the steps to developing a social media marketing plan to carry you through 2019 with a sense of purpose. Sprout Social

Why Is Instagram Becoming a More Valuable Marketing Channel Than Facebook? - So, why are young people replacing Facebook with Instagram? This is a very important question for brands because this social group is most active when it comes to online shopping. Marketing Eggspert

Social Media Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide - Social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. This sector has grown faster than the Internet itself. Neil Patel

8 Steps for an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan - Social media is the most widely used marketing channel of today. This makes it vital, but its effectiveness still depends on how well you execute your social media marketing plan. Marketing Eggspert

How To Prepare Your Facebook Ads For Better Results, Better Sales and Better Return On Investment - Preparing elements ahead of setting up a campaign will help you optimise your results so you have a better chance of success which means, more sales and a better return on your ad spend.

9 Great Tips to Improve LinkedIn Leads - Whether an individual is using LinkedIn as a beginner in networking through social media or seeking for ways to develop their engagement and activity on their social media pages, here are some of the most compelling reasons why this social networking platform should be a priority for anyone looking to generate more leads. Marketing Eggspert

10 Metrics to Track When Analyzing Your Social Media Marketing - Do you know if your social media marketing is working? Wondering how best to report on your efforts? In this article, you’ll discover 10 metrics worth tracking for your next marketing report. Social Media Examiner

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Sian Phillips, Content Editor

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the Content Editor of The Marketing Eggspert. Being an experienced proofreader and also qualified accountant, one of Sian’s many skills includes attention to detail for words and numbers. See more about Sian's editing and proofreading services on her website.

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