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We get it. Content marketing and marketing strategy aren’t high on your list. But while you might not have time to write your own content nor budget to hire a full-time marketing team, realize that your business depends on you marketing it.

If you don’t market your business, how can it grow?

Egg Marketing is here to help. Just give us the keys and we will drive your content marketing machine toward success.

We do it for the tiniest one-woman shows. We do it for the largest software companies.

We can do it for you.

Blogging Services

Did you know that 86% of B2B businesses use blogging to reach their audience? They don’t let lack of time or money stop them because they know the value of providing information and resources to potential customers.

Blogging makes them look smarter. And if they don’t have time to write the content themselves, they hire a savvy agency like Egg.


It’s been estimated that 80% of published books are ghostwritten. We’d guess the same (or more) is true for online articles and blog posts.

The fact is: most industry leaders and experts don’t have time to write their own content. Or else they don’t feel confident doing so.

Instead, they hire professional ghostwriters to help them look good.

Web Copy

If a picture paints a thousand words, what does a website do?

Consider the web copy on your site as your calling card. When people land on your site, do they want to learn more about you, or are they turned off by a wall of text that doesn’t speak directly to them?

Know your audience. We do. We can craft web copy specifically geared toward the people you want as customers.

Other Writing

Make sure the copy on your website, emails, and marketing communications is consistent, professional, and flawless. We can help.

Need a technical whitepaper? An ebook to get email signups? Even a 3,000 word blog post? We’re experts at long-form content that will position you as experts in your field.

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