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6 Ways to Run Successful Instagram Giveaway Campaigns

Launching Instagram giveaway campaigns can help put your brand front and center, grab users’ attention, generate leads, and improve your sales funnel. They can also increase the chances of your target audience engaging with your brand and spreading the word…
Instagram Sales Funnel

Great Tips to Boost Your Instagram Sales Funnel

Business or lead generation is not limited to the search engines only. Social media platforms are also the most reliable channels to drive significant business. Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms and has better engagement than any…

9 Instagram Marketing Features That Will Help Marketers Ace the Content Game This Year

Instagram is always adding new features, trying and testing algorithms, and keeping marketers on their toes. Because of the constant algorithm change, it becomes quite daunting for marketers to align their brands with its dynamic features.

In recent times, the social media giant has rolled out quite a few new features; marketers brace yourselves! Right from enabling people to create face filters to tagging a brand’s product on their post, Instagram is becoming a force to reckon with.

Here is a consolidated list of Instagram marketing features that will help you become a better marketer.

1. Hashtag Insights

Instagram has recently introduced a feature known as hashtag insights where you can check the number of impressions you’re getting organically. It will be a boon for brands in understanding their preferences, especially those who aggressively market on Instagram. It will also help brands in understanding which hashtags work for them and which don’t.

12 Instagram Features From 2019 That You Need To Make The Best Use Of

Instagram has more than 500 million active monthly users and is a popular choice for businesses to reach their audiences. With a wide range of Instagram features, this social media tool serves as the best virtual platform providing new opportunities for both users and brands.

Instagram offers various possibilities for personal and brand accounts to engage with their audience. To take advantage of these opportunities, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are ahead of the curve. Instagram is continuously rolling out new updates and features to delight its customers, so learn about everything Instagram rolled out this year and how it will impact your Instagram marketing.

8 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Social media for businesses has turned out to be one of the best ways to connect with your existing and potential customers. Every second, billions of people from all over the world, log into one or the other social media channel. Hence, if used in the right way, businesses can use these channels to get the attention of their target audience. Overlooking the importance of social media can cause you to lose your customers to your competitors.

Many small, medium, and large organizations are using social media for building a relationship with their customers, generating awareness about their products and services, making their presence felt on the internet, sharing their knowledge and expertise with their target audience, attracting new customers, etc.  Using social media for marketing turns out to be very effective if used wisely. But if not handled properly, all your efforts may be in vain.

In this article, we have discussed a few tips that would help you in mastering social media for businesses.

Facebook Ads

How Small Businesses are Failing with their Facebook Ads

With 2.2 billion active users, it makes sense for marketers and businesses of every stripe to leverage Facebook Ads to turbocharge their leads and sales pipeline.  And with Facebook earning $27 billion in revenue, the social media giant is not just the biggest revenue spinner for Facebook but other businesses too.

All said and done; the fact is the majority of the small businesses — 62% according to Weebly — are unable to meet their targets with Facebook ads.

So, now the question is: Why are the ads failing?

Social Media

How Social Media Can Help With Your SEO Efforts

Social media and SEO are both important parts of the digital strategy for any business – but sometimes the value that each can have for the other is misunderstood. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that activity on social media influences your ranking positions, so this is an aspect of your SEO strategy that you must take seriously.

Here we will take a look at some of the things that your business can do on its social media accounts that can influence SEO; improving rankings and increasing traffic to your site.

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