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7 Secrets to Keeping Your Service Business Clients for Life

This was originally published on AllBusiness. We’ve all heard it before: It’s cheaper to retain an existing client than it is to acquire a new one. That’s especially true for service businesses, whether that’s accounting, graphic design, or marketing. Existing clients already…

How to Measure Client Satisfaction

Unhappy customers cost your business a lot. According to some recent studies, 80% of customers stop buying from a company after just one negative service experience. Moreover, most of them won’t tell you what was wrong. Instead, 91% of them…

6 Ways to Use Customer Support to Increase Sales

Customer support goes far beyond responding to customer questions. When strategized well, it will boost customer satisfaction, retain customers, and encourage brand advocacy. Above all, it can be a powerful sales tool. Here is how to use customer service to…
Customer Churn

How to Measure Customer Churn and Prevent It

Convincing a customer to purchase or sign up for your product is one thing, but making them stay loyal and continually use or depend on it is another. This is why customer retention requires a strategy that will make customers…
Customer Loyalty

Five Steps to Increasing Customer Loyalty

Why Customer Loyalty is Important

In a study detailed by the Harvard Business Review, it has been shown that improving customer loyalty by just 5% can have profits soaring by up to 95%. In fact, the efforts marketing teams make in acquiring new customers are far more expensive than retaining existing ones.

Loyal customers come in different variants. Many are simply happy to continue buying the brand out of convenience and familiarity. There are those, however, who are known as ‘actively loyal’. These loyal customers can actually benefit a company by actively promoting it.


Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Customer Relationship Management Tips

This week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up is filled with Customer Relationship Management tips- otherwise known as CRM. I’ve included posts about what CRM is, it’s failures and how to fix them, using it for marketing and business growth, how to use it smartly, it’s opportunities and how to choose the right one and lots more.

CRM Software

CRM Software: How to Accelerate Your Business Growth with it

Business growth is an important attribute of entrepreneurial life. When a person starts a business, he/she has to take care of several factors to establish it and make the desired progress. Despite introducing an exponential business model, many business organisations are forced to shut down their operations soon after launching.

It is because they fail to sustain in the competitive business market and make profits. Manual work and production techniques are also responsible for the untimely demise of several business organisations because they fail to compete with AI-driven business organisations.

That is why several business organisations have started to use CRM software for business growth and expansion. Let’s see how it helps to accelerate business growth.

Personalization In Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Personalization in Marketing

Are you using Personalization in your marketing campaigns? This round-up of articles include why it works and makes your marketing better, personalization technology, ecommerce, stats, email marketing, brands using personalization successfully and lots more. Think Personalization in Marketing Doesn’t Work?…
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