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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Ecommerce Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing is a much needed addition to your marketing strategy. In this Marketing Eggspert round-up the articles concentrate on what’s it all about, how to grow your offline business, SEO tips, eCommerce strategy, eCommerce platforms for websites, smart eCommerce marketing, personalization tactics and lots more.

How to Use ECommerce to Grow Your Offline Business — The target market for eCommerce is much wider than a physical store that depends on customers from a restricted geography for business. This makes it possible to grow exponentially faster than you would by running a store in your neighborhood. Marketing Eggspert Blog

What Is Ecommerce Marketing? — When you break it down, ecommerce marketing can be divided into two general initiatives: driving website traffic and optimizing the user experience to convert more shoppers. BigCommerce

Effective SEO Tips for Promoting Your Ecommerce Store & Driving Traffic — You need not worry about any vague or complicated concepts here. We will be discussing how to achieve more traffic to your eCommerce store and how to boost your site’s SERP ranking. Marketing Eggspert Blog

5 Tactics To Take Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy To The Next Level — Here are some of the tactics we recommend to our ecommerce clients when they’re looking to step up their efforts and generate more traffic and sales. Forbes

Which is the Best Ecommerce Platform for Developing Websites? — Developers are required to add social media integration, mobile friendliness, great user experience, search engine optimization, modules for content marketing and support are also important for any good online ecommerce websites. Marketing Eggspert Blog

The Seven Stages of Smart Ecommerce Marketing — We’ve listed the seven stages of smart ecommerce marketing: starting out with the basic newsletters of yesteryear before graduating to the cutting-edge, game-changing technology available today. Econsultancy

How Personalization Technology Helps Ecommerce Marketing — All you need for this is the right customer data and technologies that make use of this data to give you actionable insights. In this blog we will discuss ways in which personalization can help you in marketing your ecommerce store. Marketing Eggspert Blog

6 Foundational Ecommerce Marketing Tactics to Stop Your Bucket from Leaking — In this post, you’ll learn six foundational marketing tactics that will greatly help convert visitors on your site, bring back qualified visitors that do end up leaving your site, and get the most amount of money from each of your customers, increasing your average order size.  Shopify


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Sian Phillips, Content Editor

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the Content Editor of The Marketing Eggspert. Being an experienced proofreader and also qualified accountant, one of Sian’s many skills includes attention to detail for words and numbers. See more about Sian's editing and proofreading services on her website.

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