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4 Myths About Writing A Business Book

4 Myths About Writing a Business Book

I’m a firm believer that writing a business book is a fantastic marketing strategy. Not only do you educate your market, but you also establish thought leadership in your industry.

Think about it: if you were considering hiring someone to help you with B2B services, would you choose the company run by someone who had published a book about her niche, or the one who hadn’t, all else being equal?

Still, I find that there are a lot of misconceptions about writing a business book, so I want to set the record straight.

1. You’re Guaranteed to Get Published

Let’s clear this up: writing a business book does not equal publishing a business book. You have to find a publisher who’s willing to take on your project (in other words, they think your topic will sell and are willing to back you) or self-publish. Many authors find a publisher before they write the book so that they are assured the book will end up on shelves.

Realize that finding a publisher, if you decide to go that route, is a job in and of itself. Of course, you can hire a book agent to do the job for you if you have the budget. Self-publishing, too, is a ton of work. So lesson here: writing a book and publishing ain’t easy!

2. You’ll Make Money From Your Book

I’ve published several business books and two travel books, and let me tell you: the royalties I’ve made could maybe buy a nice dinner or two. That’s over 10 years! You don’t write a business book to become rich, my friend. Yes, there are authors like Tim Ferriss who have made money from their books, but the bigger opportunity comes from the doors those books open up for you.

For me, I’ve gotten marketing clients because people see I’ve written books. I come off as an established expert in my field, and therefore people trust me with their money.

3. If you Have a Publisher, You Won’t Have to Do Any Marketing

This is a sad, sad myth. Yes, the publisher will do limited marketing. They will get your book into bookstores you couldn’t reach on your own. But it’s your job — whether you publish traditionally or self-publish  — to market your own book. You can hire a marketing and/or PR agency to help, but essentially you’ll need:

  • A social media presence
  • A blog
  • A book-specific website
  • PR campaign
  • Book tour (have bloggers and book critics review your book)
  • Media interviews

We don’t even offer these services at Egg, because they’re such a specialized type of marketing for authors. But suffice it to say: if you don’t market your book, it won’t sell.

4. You Have to Write the Book Yourself

Do you really think busy, successful consultants and business leaders write their own books? No way, at least not all the time. That’s where a good ghostwriter comes in handy. You get the book published under your name, but you don’t have to lift a finger to write it if you don’t have the time or inclination.

I’ve helped several people write successful books in marketing and small business, and I can help you, too! Shoot me an email and tell me what kind of book you’re dreaming of having written and I’ll give you some ideas, free of charge.

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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