If you’ve been toying with the idea of writing a book, let me encourage you to move forward. Yes, there are a ton of books out there (and probably plenty on your area of expertise), but there are still ample reasons to write one.

1. It’ll Boost Your Profile

Even if you only make $1 with your book, you’ll still be elevated simply by being able to say you’re an author. People dig that. I’ve written two print books and a few ebooks, and haven’t made my millions yet, but still, I love the impressed gleam I see in people’s eyes when I tell them I’m a published author.

You’ll find it easier to get invited to guest blog for other reputable sites. You’ll be a sought-after expert by journalists and television reporters. You’ll be able to find speaking opportunities. You’ll attract more followers on social media. All of this, in turn, makes it easier to score more customers.

2. You Don’t Really Have to Write the Book

If your main objection to writing a book is that you’re not a great writer, don’t let that stop you. You’d be surprised how many bestselling authors didn’t actually write their books. It’s perfectly acceptable to hire a ghostwriter (ahem), and well worth the expense. You’ll still get all the credit for the book, and it’ll help brand you in a major way.

3. Self Publishing Has Never Been Easier

You don’t need to hunt around for a publishing house that wants your book; you can DIY through Amazon or your own site. This is a huge barrier to entry that has been removed, and has helped people who otherwise wouldn’t become authors to accomplish that goal of publishing a book.

4. It’ll Direct Your Marketing

Once you publish a book, you can use that as the basis for your marketing: you can center your blog content around it, send out emails encouraging people to buy it, and use it as your expert stance when pitching journalists through sites like HARO.

5. You Have Nothing to Lose

You’ve tried everything else to boost your status as an industry leader; what harm can writing a book do? That’s right, none. It can only make your brand stronger. Remember: it doesn’t have to be a long book; you can also aim for a shorter book packed with actionable tips that people can use. Or write a series of books and see how people respond to each. There are no rules here, so have fun!

Editor’s Note: This was originally written for AllBusiness.