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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Advertising

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Advertising

This week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up concentrates on Advertising. It includes posts about social media advertising, changes happening in 2019. Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, pay-per-click ads, creativity in advertising, traditional advert tracking, tv ads and more.

Advertising In The Digital Age: Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses - In order to connect with your fans successfully whilst advertising your brand, it’s important to keep the following digital marketing tips for small businesses in mind. Marketing Eggspert

How Marketing and Advertising Are Bound to Change In 2018 - It’s easy to predict the industry will face significant changes in 2018. Here are four key aspects that will shape the new landscape. Entrepreneur

Why Your Business Needs Google AdWords - One of the commonest methods adopted by mobile app developers to optimize apps is by using Google AdWords. Marketing Eggspert

The 5 Best Facebook Advertising Articles On The Web -  The “crème de la crème” of Facebook advertising blog posts I’ve come across. In no particular order. Huffpost

What You Need To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising - Pay per click (or PPC) advertising is one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. It’s a form of digital advertising that works for small businesses and small budgets.  Marketing Eggspert

Creativity in Advertising: When It Works and When It Doesn’t - Drawing on research in communications psychology, we have developed a consumer survey approach for measuring perceived creativity along five dimensions. Harvard Business Review

Traditional Advertising Tracking Is Easier Than You Think - These following tips will help you to understand the technical aspects associated with the traditional advertising tracking and make it plain sailing for you. Marketing Eggspert

Advertisers Tuning Out TV in Sign of Trouble for Media Companies - Television ad sales have fallen even as global advertising grows, leading research firms and analysts to predict that the business may never recover. Bloomberg

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Sian Phillips, Content Editor

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the Content Editor of The Marketing Eggspert. Being an experienced proofreader and also qualified accountant, one of Sian’s many skills includes attention to detail for words and numbers. See more about Sian's editing and proofreading services on her website.

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