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What You Need To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (or PPC) advertising is one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. It’s a form of digital advertising that works for small businesses and small budgets. It’s very different to traditional advertising for one simple reason:

You only pay when someone actively clicks on your advert.

In the past, you never knew if your advertising was really connecting with people. With PPC, you know exactly who you’re reaching. And you know whether it’s working. The most common place to advertise with a PPC campaign is Google. You’ll choose a variety of keywords, and your website will appear as a sponsored result on the search page. You can also use PPC campaigns on Facebook, which have proven very effective.

Here are four reasons why you need PPC to promote your website.

What You Need To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

1. It’s highly targeted and specific

The internet is a wonderful place to advertise. The reason for that is there’s so much data out there. That means you can get highly specific with your marketing. You don’t need to advertise to everyone. Instead, you can set your target audience with laser-sharp precision. You can choose which age group and demographic sees your ads. You can control the location of your audience. With Facebook PPC ads, you can even craft a target audience using their likes and dislikes. On Google, you’ll use specific keywords, so only the people with a vested interest in your business will find you.

2. You can control costs

PPC is fantastic because it works even with a small budget. It makes advertising affordable for every startup and entrepreneur. Because it’s so targeted, you only need to reach a small group of niche people. That keeps costs down. But even better, you can set a strict budget, and you’ll never spend more than you want to. When your campaign hits its budget ceiling, the ads will simply stop running.

3. Every click offers real value for money

Remember, you only pay when someone clicks on your link. That means that everyone who clicks through to your website is a real prospective lead. Every single penny of the campaign results in a potential new customer or client. Of course, now it’s up to you to convert them, and sell them something they really want. But, the core return on investment is unlike any other marketing strategy.

4. It’s informative

PPC advertising is great because it quickly and simply shows you what’s working. You can test a variety of different keywords and advertising phrases. You can measure which is the most effective in drawing new customers. You can advertise to different niches, and see which responds better to your product. You can then feed this information throughout your marketing team. The most effective keywords can be adopted by your SEO team and your copywriters. PPC advertising is a very real litmus test. And it gives you instant, testable feedback.

That’s everything you need to know about PPC, folks! Make sure it’s a crucial part of your marketing strategy going forward.

Author Bio:

Paul is the content writer at WebsitePromoter , a site that helps small online businesses learn how to grow their presence on the internet with SEO and Pay Per Click.


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