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How to Match the Branding of Your Website with Your New eBook

Have you just written an excellent and original eBook? Congratulations! Now it’s time for the next stage: getting your eBook to sell. It won’t be easy, but with the right tools you will be able to showcase your new eBook and start making sales under your unique brand.

One of the best ways you can promote your new eBook is to use your own personalized website. If you already have a website, it may need a few tweaks or a full-scale renovation to successfully market and sell your book.

Remember, it is important that your brand is consistent across all platforms and products. Here are some tips on how to match the branding of your website with your new eBook:

How to Match the Branding of Your Website with Your New eBook

Know your brand

If you’ve written about a specific topic in your eBook, you’ll want your website to reflect that by containing similar content. For example, if you wrote a book about gardening but your website is about dog-walking, it may cause some confusion for people. In this case, you might want to try expanding your brand to “recreational outdoor activities for health and happiness”. The key is to make sure your readers can feel a connection with your website and your book.

Understand your target audience

The way you market your book will depend on who you want to read it. Try to narrow this down by age group, gender, career, interests and social status (married, parent, etc.). Get to know what your target customers care about. See what they’re talking about on social media and design the branding of your website and eBook around their needs and what will appeal to them.

Design an awesome book cover

Your book cover should do more than look attractive and interesting. It should be reflective of your website and the kind of services or products you offer. The reader should look at the cover and get a unique sense of what your brand is about. Make sure that the logo and design of your website can be seen or is otherwise represented on the cover of your eBook. This is an excellent form of branding integration.

Have the right website design

The way a website looks and how easy it is to navigate can make or break the success of your eBook. The visitors on your website should know exactly how to order your eBook as soon as they land on your page. While color themes and layout may not seem all that important, the appearance of your website will say a lot about you as a business. The color scheme and font of your website should also match those that are on your eBook.

Step up your content game

The material on your website should be valuable and engaging for the reader. If they’re not sure if they want to buy your book, they might make the decision based off of the quality of your website’s content. If the information on your website is confusing or scattered, it might cause people to assume your eBook isn’t that organized either.

Stand out from the crowd

No matter what you’ve written your eBook about, chances are there is already another book on that topic out there already. After all, it’s not that difficult to sell an eBook on the web. Develop your brand in a way that cannot be mistaken from anything else, and reflect that in your book and website. Make sure your readers and customers know what to expect, and keep them engaged. This will help maximize the presence of your brand on the web.

Be careful how you advertise

Don’t try to oversell your book, as it will turn your audience off. While you want to be confident and persuasive, you need to make sure your readers understand what they are gaining with your content and how your eBook will add value to their life. What can you offer that no one else can? What makes your eBook compelling or useful? Give your customers a reason to fall in love with your brand and what you’re all about.

Consider ecommerce website help

Managing a website can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially if all you want to do is write books. Websites such as Shopify will offer you the ability to focus on your writing, while they handle all of the details for selling your book. Although you’ll have to pay for these services, it’s a great opportunity to let professionals help you publicize your book, while you enjoy the rewards. Look for a site that will allow you to have full management over your sales and choose a theme that fits the style of your brand and eBook.

With proper focus, dedication and creativity, you can successfully sell your new eBook and match it with the branding of your website. Don’t be afraid to grow or completely change your brand – change is a natural part of life. People who feel authenticity and originality through your brand will likely be more inclined to buy your eBook, so stay true to yourself.

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