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Lead Generation For Small Business Owners During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Lead Generation for Small Business Owners During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The novel coronavirus has negatively affected every aspect of our world, especially in the business sector. Small business owners are desperate to find a sense of normalcy and a way to gain access to capital right now to remain solvent. 

The time calls for us to strive for survival, and this requires us to pivot our operational strategies to accommodate the needs of consumers during this unusual time. Entrepreneurs must think out-of-the-box to come up with innovative ways to present their offerings and capture the attention of prospective customers. 

So, how can small businesses update their marketing efforts to gain qualified leads and generate revenue? To find out, keep reading; we’ve compiled a list of strategies for lead generation for small business owners to help you retain customers and acquire new leads. 

Adapt Your Services to the Present Situation

The epidemic has affected the lives of people all around the globe, as they have to practice social distancing procedures. This means they can’t go out unnecessarily, nor can they access certain services like they used to. 

To better serve customers, brands must come up with innovative ways to cater to their needs and offer their support. Think of ways to add more value to your customers’ experience. For example, since restaurants can’t host diners indoors, they are offering free delivery services and other takeout offers to stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

Similarly, other SMBs can re-engineer their solutions to target specific demands or pain points of prospective customers. Here are some examples of possible concerns consumers might require urgent answers for:

  • Concerned about the troubles caused by the pandemic to their business
  • Adjusting to travel bans and shipping restrictions
  • Finding ways to communicate with remote employees
  • Tightening cloud security and applying insurance to overcome potential risks

Finding solutions helps with lead generation for small businesses and strengthens the customer’s trust in your brand and encourages them to return frequently. 

Promote Your Services with the Coronavirus in Mind

Coronavirus has placed restrictions on the purchasing power of people, making them more aware of what they buy at this time. As lockdowns were placed in different corners of the world, people were forced to spend most of their time at home. Naturally, there is a notable shift in the type of demands. 

Therefore, it’s vital for enterprises to market services that can meet the demands of the public during this trying time. A carpet cleaning company can send emails to their customers, letting them know that the company is with them and simultaneously offer products or services that can help them keep their homes clean. You can use social media, ethically collected consumer data, and even third-party email address finder sources to reach out to potential consumers. 

Similarly, businesses can focus their marketing efforts on educating and informing their customers on how to stay safe, which adds value to their experience and builds rapport and helps in lead generation for small business owners.

Improve SEO Practices So Prospects Can Find Your Business

The usage of the Internet has increased as the pandemic caused the closure of various public places and stores. People are now heavily dependent on the Internet to search for goods and services they need. The first five or six links that appear on the user’s browser are the links that they open. Commonly, users ignore the results that are listed on the second or third page of the search results. 

The factors that decide whether your page will get a high rank or not is the quality of your content and the kind of keywords you use to make your products searchable. As more people spend their time browsing through webpages and social media platforms, you need to focus on optimizing your digital presence so people can find your business online. 

Focus on keywords that are related to your niche and place them strategically within your content to avoid any interruptions in the flow of content. The right execution of SEO strategies, such as keyword integration and content marketing, will make it easier for prospective clients to find your products and will drive more organic traffic to your website.

Practice Transparency with Your Customers

It’s crucial for business owners to clearly express what they’re going through during this time of crisis. Businesses must honestly display the amount of hard work they put in to deliver quality products, as well as showcase how seriously they’re following the standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of themselves and their customers. 

This will stimulate a feeling of empathy and understanding between the customers and the brand. Moreover, it increases the worthiness of the product in their eyes and motivates them to go out of their way to support these businesses. People won’t notice the value of your output if they’re unaware of the effort you put in to make their experience better. Offer insights into what goes on behind the scenes and how you’re designing your products or services to help the community. 

Ensure Your Solutions Stay Relevant Post-Corona 

While you’re aiming to survive during the outbreak, it’s also necessary to have a plan in mind for the future as well. A business won’t just return to how it used to be before the pandemic, especially if you’ve adapted your services to only work during the pandemic. It may be that your services are no longer relevant as people aren’t confined to their homes anymore. In that case, you must be able to pivot your services and operational techniques so that they aren’t just useful during the pandemic, but after it as well. 

It’s impossible to make a comeback immediately after such a life-changing experience, but slow and steady wins the race. Avoid disorientation by drawing steps and thinking broadly to help you decide what’s best for your business and audience. 

Wrapping Up

It’s still too early to predict how things will unfold, but if we remain flexible with our operations strategy, we can make through this. Try to avoid inducing panic amongst your workers and stay focused on delivering results. Following these strategies can help businesses mitigate risk and retain loyal customers. Consumers are showing up to support local businesses and help them stay afloat in whatever way we can. As long as SMBs remain adaptable and practice flexible marketing, they’ll curate positive attention and generate leads that will convert to paying customers. 

Nouman Ali provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for digital marketing.


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