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4 Ways Tech and Digital Marketing Make the Perfect Marriage

The business marketing world is changing. Technology has offered up new, creative ways to advertise to potential customers, and the advancements are always changing. From social media integration to CRM to VR, there is so much to be aware of and keep up on when it comes to combining tech and digital marketing.

Since the landscape of the tech and digital marketing worlds are constantly changing, it can be hard for any business to follow or understand exactly what it is they should do.

  • Do you invest in apps or websites first?
  • Should you throw your hat into the virtual reality ring?
  • How can you develop an effective PPC campaign?

All of these questions are overwhelming the more you dig into them. It’s the exact reason you should hire an expert in the digital marketing field, such as a social media management company specializing in all the above and more.

Here are just a few ways businesses of any size can keep up with technological advancements in an evolving digital landscape. Each can make a significant impact on how you operate your business and how others interact with your brand.

1. Virtual Reality

In just the last year, we have seen some significant changes in the VR landscape. What started with Oculus Rift turned into apps and games. Now, the buzz in the marketing world is how marketers can capitalize on VR and augmented reality (AR) to enhance their reach.

You can even integrate your VR strategy with a mobile app for business. If there are two things we know, it’s that people love apps, and they are falling hard for VR. If you can find a way to creatively marry the two into a great mobile app for your business, you have the opportunity to create something that will grow your business exponentially. And this isn’t the end of it. More changes will quickly come about.

2. Social Media

Let’s face it. If you want to get into the digital marketing game, you have to accept that social media is a must for your strategy. Different social networks have their uses: Facebook is great for ads and now allows businesses to create a store on their Facebook page; Twitter is ideal for interactions and building brand trust; Instagram is perfect for visual, real-time campaigns; And the list goes on.

The key to continued success on social networks is with consistent posting and a great strategy. If you use it only for sales, your social following will dwindle and die. No one likes salesy companies. The key is to make people feel involved in the conversation and offer them something they want (not just your products).

All of the social networks are constantly evolving, so you need to make sure you stay on top of your game.

3. CRM

Getting into the game of creating healthy customer relationship management systems is critical for every business selling any type of product. You can’t be available 24/7, and thanks to technology you don’t have to be. Businesses are turning to AI chatbots to help with CRM on websites. But it doesn’t stop there.

Some CRM tools have marketing automation abilities that allow them to automatically do repetitive tasks to help with marketing strategies, always focusing on the customers at various points in their lifecycle. For example, a new sale comes into the system, and it would automatically send out marketing materials via email or social media. The goal of this method is to turn a lead into a customer.

4. Video and Audio Content

Youtube. Vimeo. Wistia. iTunes. Google Play. These are just a few of the video and audio sites that allow businesses to connect with potential customers. This type of marketing is about creating video or podcast that touches on subjects their target market is interested in. The key is to give customers exactly enough of what they need that they come to the website to make a learn more and make a purchase.

And these are just a few of the tools businesses are using that combine effective tech and digital marketing to keep consumers happy.

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