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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Facebook Marketing

In this week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up post we are going to concentrate on Social Media Marketing — primarily Facebook Marketing. It is the hottest type of marketing in this day and age and all companies are jumping on the bandwagon — but are they doing Facebook Marketing correctly? In this post I’ve collated some great posts to point you in the right direction for marketing on Facebook.

Handling the Ever-Changing Google and Facebook Algorithms Without Stress – If you rely on Facebook’s platform for any of your online marketing – traffic, social signals, or for use in lieu of an actual website — take note of the changes made recently. SavvyCopywriters

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook – Facebook enables brands to connect with their fans directly, and that’s the reason why marketers put lots of effort into generating Facebook fans. Blair Thomas on Marketing Eggspert

5 Quick Easy Facebook Live Tips That You’ll Wish You’d Tried Sooner – 1 Minute Moment #96 – I’m going to share with you five Facebook Live tips I’ve picked up in the last year and a half of broadcasting that will get more people watching for longer and engaging with your content.

6 Facebook Marketing Tricks to Avoid That Will Only Waste Your Time – There are many strategies and tricks available to all Facebook marketers everywhere, but there are also a lot of common misconceptions and mistakes they should avoid. Jessica Rousey on Marketing Eggspert

Facebook Influencer Marketing: A Brief Guide – Explains each step and the Facebook influencer marketing tools you may need to create an effective Facebook influencer marketing campaign. Sandeep Rathore on Tweak Your Biz

Facebook #Love: Increase Facebook Likes for Your Business – We are not just aiming for a certain quantity of likes; we’re looking for quality likes that can generate sales leads. Know your fan base and understand how Facebook works. Here are seven easy ways to increase your Facebook likes, so that you wouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on online advertising. Maria Estrada on Marketing Eggspert

Does Facebook’s Latest Change Mean Death for All Business Pages? – Many marketers woke up on January 11th to an inbox full of notices about Facebook’s latest change and maybe even a few panic emails from clients who thought their business would now go under because Facebook would no longer show their posts. Boot Camp Digital

3 Reasons Why Facebook Video Advertising Crushes the Competition – Don’t get distracted by shiny platforms like Snapchat or put all your chips into VR. Your target audience is watching videos on Facebook, and if you want eyeballs on your advertisements, there’s no better place to invest. Here’s why. Gary Cain on Marketing Eggspert

Happy Facebook Marketing

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