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How Blogging Helps Your Startup Achieve Success

With over 1 billion websites in the online world, and more and more people consulting the Internet prior to making their final decision on purchasing a particular product or services, it is evident startups have to do whatever it is in their power to stand out in this competitive market.

If we take into consideration the fact that almost 50% of shoppers view between 3 and 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative, we can conclude that a blog is an essential ingredient for customer engagement, and ultimately, startup success.

How Blogging Helps Your Startup Achieve Success

Blogging improves your SEO efforts

Websites with blogs tend to have over 430% more indexed pages. With this in mind, it is obvious that blogs represent an integral part of your SEO campaign. It enables search engines to easily recognize your website as a quality resource of relevant information people refer to when in need of advice on a particular subject, or wish to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Furthermore, by publishing new and valuable information on a regular basis, your blog will help generate a greater number of inbound and outbound links. By posting on industry sites or getting syndicated on popular ones, you are bound to see your scores and online visibility improve.

You will generate new leads

With traffic coming to your website via blog, you have an excellent opportunity to convert traffic into leads. But first, remember that not every single reader of your blog post will turn into lead, and that is fine. What you can do is include a call-to-action on all (or at least most) of your blog posts, offering free trials, eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, that is, any piece of content that would motivate someone to exchange their information.

It helps you position as an industry leader

Producing quality content on topics which resonate with your market will demonstrate your company as an industry leader. Blog posts enable you to share and show your knowledge, and help you market your skills, as well as your product and services. Furthermore, you will build more trust, because the more well-versed you present yourself to be, the greater the possibility that your potential customers will trust you with their needs.

You will develop strong customer relationships

In addition to the previous point – blogs enable startups to deepen their connections with their audiences. Since you are connecting on your company website, your customers have all the information they need to get to know your business, product and services from the comfort of your own home base.

Remember to interact with your visitors and respond to each and every one of their comments. If it happens that someone has a question related to your work or a product you’ve mentioned in a blog post, ensure you respond them directly on the website. Unlike social media platforms, blog posts and comments will be searchable on your website for a longer period of time; your customers will see that you make an effort to establish connection with them, what will inspire them to build trust in your brand.

You will enjoy long term benefits

With blog, you can enjoy instant benefits, but also long term results. How come? Days, weeks, even months after you publish a particular blog post, you will notice it still draws in more visitors. Soon you will see that every effort you put in today will turn into hundreds, even thousands of views and leads at some point in the future. In fact, around 70% of website traffic comes from blog posts that weren’t published that particular month; almost 90% comes from last-month’s pieces, even some which were published years ago. These posts are commonly known as compounding posts, and these are usually evergreen topics, and according to statistics, about 1 in 10 blog posts you publish will become compounding ones.


Blogging represents the most effective pull marketing technique, and should in no way be used to push your product or services into your potential customers’ faces. By providing value to your readers, they will be instantly attracted to your website in search of much-needed answers to their questions. A blog represents a win-win situations for both you and your consumers and certainly puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

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Author Bio:

Amir Noghani is the general manager at Green SEO Perth. He has a master’s degree in engineering and has been working in marketing and communications field for more than seven years.

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