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5 Reasons Why Tangible Advertising Is Still Effective

Many people believe they can market their companies via Internet only. While the Internet is a wonderful platform, tangible marketing efforts are still incredibly effective and necessary. Let’s discuss why tangible advertising is still so effective in today’s market.

1. It Reaches Everyone
Believe it or not, not everyone has constant access to the Internet. Whether it is for financial reasons, lack of knowledge or by choice, some people choose to be without the constant device in hand. However, most people do receive mail! Sending direct mail will ensure you reach even those who tend to stay offline.
2. It Provides Excitement
It is tough to get the Internet to provide the excitement that print media can accomplish. Think of a child as Christmas approaches. A new toy catalog comes in the mail and the child excitedly grabs it and sits down to devour it. This is an emotion hard to evoke via the online experience only.

3. Tangible Advertising Evokes the Five Senses
With such a wide variety of marketing and promotional products available today, it is possible to involve a client or prospective client’s five senses in your marketing campaign! How about a stress ball with the company logo that sits on their desk? There you have your touch and sight. What about bakery products with the company stamp on the box? Now you have involved taste. The options are endless here.

4. It Provides Your Name Consistently
With the distribution of practical and useful items, your company’s name will be seen and thought of over and over each day. How many times does an individual grab a pen each day? What if that pen had your logo printed on it? What about a calendar? Most people have a calendar hanging in their office or home for quick reference.

5. It Promotes a Repeat Customer
An old fashioned, but proven way to leave a good taste in a customer’s mouth is by sending a handwritten thank you card by mail. Everyone is pleased to receive a personal card in their mailbox, as opposed to the usual bills.

In summary, tangible marketing strategies are still incredibly effective. While the Internet is also a useful campaign, one should not be without the other. With the right promotional products, your company will be seen and thought of over and over again.

Tricia Borren is mother and blogger from Beverly Hills. If you need any graphic design needs, she recommends AlphaGraphics.


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