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What Does ‘Customer Experience Management’ Mean To You?

There have been many evolving definitions of  ‘customer experience management.’ Are you sure you have the right one?

  • Is customer experience just about the quality of digital engagement and interactions with customers?
  • Or is it also about the engagement practices involved in the buying cycle?
  • Or is it how well businesses solve customer issues and concerns?

No surprise, it is all of them. Put simply, customer experience is the sum of all the interactions and experiences encountered by a customer throughout a brand’s customer lifecycle.

Many companies have realized that they can stand out in the market with a solid Customer Experience Management (CEM/CXM) approach. CEM is the strategy and processes involved in engaging, tracking, monitoring and organizing all interactions between a customer and the enterprise.

Tech Giants like Amazon, Apple and Google are persistently trying to improve on the CEM front. In a battle of the brands, it is indeed customers who ultimately decide the winner. Therefore, it is vital to foster a culture of better customer experiences on the way to success.

The question is how much do you care about Customer Experience Management?

Yes, it is a big risk to invest your valuable time, money and effort to manage everyone’s experience, but the benefits can make the expenses look rather meager.

Before you acknowledge the importance of CEM, it is essential to look at the advantages of implementing it:

Engage with your customers

Providing fine customer experience is the way to handle engagement. It is your ace card.

Knowing about customers’ expectations will help you establish a personal connection with them. It is the opportunity to invoke behavior and trends that will prove ideal for your brand. You can also identify the niche market interested in your company’s products and services.

If prospects are engaged, it is more likely for them to turn into customers. Basically, more engagement means more buying and revenue.

Reap the benefits of experience-based marketing

By creating pleasant experiences and engagement, businesses seize one of the most influential ways of marketing a brand, and not a penny is required for generating positive customer reviews. Social media, which is now an integral part of an individual’s life, helps you to cover the entire world so easily and makes the technique effortless!

Learn about customers and learn from customers

Every interaction is an opportunity for businesses to learn the drives, influence a customer and it helps you to provide them with complete satisfaction.  Moreover, the right personal experience lures customers to acquire both practical and emotional gratification, sometimes even for a higher price!

Customer feedback is the bible for businesses. Enterprises can learn from comments and criticisms on how their brand name reflects in the market and where they can improve.

Gain brand loyalty

The personal experiences and relationships brands create are vital for brand loyalty. Naturally, if customers feel positively about a brand, it is difficult for them to turn their heads away.

Prevent risks

Faithful customers keep themselves from posting complaints and problems on publicly-visible social media pages. They prefer to contact the company directly. It mitigates the probability of spreading unfavorable information to other customers. Moreover, direct complaints give you a chance to rectify the issue on time and avert risks.

Acquire a cost-effective feedback infrastructure

If you look into the past, you will know market research is way more complex and expensive than CEM.

The long questionnaires and surveys on customers usually fall short against convenient, relevant and short CEM surveys. You can collect more customer responses and will need to spend less time and money. Unlike a few years ago, businesses now require very little expert analysis and can run self-analyses with access to comprehensive .

CEM is turning heads at businesses all across the world. Creating the best customer journey and experience has only won companies a good name and placed them ahead in their game. It is time you decided how you will create an unforgettable customer experience and keep it going.

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Abhishek Jain, a veteran industry expert working with a prestigious outsourcing contact center, has been writing about industry technologies and their positive effects on organizations. Abhishek started out his career as a customer support executive, marking his entry in the customer service industry. He has a rewarding experience of working in various BPO industry processes for more than 10 years.  Abhishek’s unique passion is providing useful tips and information for Finance and Accounting Services and customer experience.

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