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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Customer Service

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Customer Service

Customer Service is a very important factor of your business and it cannot be overlooked or you’ll lose customers very quickly. In this Marketing Eggspert round-up I’ve included posts discussing online customer service, branding, customer service rules, video, remote service team, customer service strategy and more.

What Yummy Cupcake’s Customer Service Can Teach Your Small Business - Give your customers an exceptional experience with your brand and in doing so, you’ll instantly earn their loyalty and give them a story to talk about for weeks, months, and maybe even years to come. Kimberly Crossland on The Marketing Eggspert

Improve Your Online Customer Service - There’s an old saying in business: A happy customer will tell one or two people; an unhappy one will tell 10! So it pays to keep your customers happy-especially when doing business online. Entrepreneur

Bridging the Gap Between Customer Service and Excellent Branding - Neglecting customer care is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity to attract and retain customers, differentiate the business and strengthen brand loyalty. The Marketing Eggspert

8 Rules for Good Customer Service - The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with customers – a relationship that that individual customer feels that he would like to pursue. The Balance

4 Tips on Managing Your Remote Customer Service Team - Hiring a remote customer service team for your business can provide cost savings and productivity gains. Even though remote work comes with many benefits, it can also present many challenges for you. The Marketing Eggspert

6 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service - Improvements in customer service can pay off. When customers receive excellent service, they’re 81 percent more likely to give the company repeat business.

Six Tips for Creating Your Social Customer Service Strategy [Infographic] - Customer voices are amplified more than ever due to the rise of social. Here are six things your team should think about when creating your social customer service strategy. The Marketing Eggspert

5 Ways Your Business can Use Video for Customer Service - Video is one of the most effective customer-service tools available to businesses today, and here are five ways you can use it to enhance your buyer’s’ experience. Tweak Your Biz

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