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The Top 200 Startups Around The World

The Top 200 Startups Around the World

Kempler industries recently analyzed the top 200 startups around the world using live data from Startup Ranking. The goal of the analysis was to have a better understanding of what types of businesses are trending worldwide and which countries produce the most startups.

They then segmented the top 200 startups into 19 different categories based on what they allow end-users to accomplish. These categories include transportation, search, buying selling, finding, and publishing, among others.

From the data they learned several interesting tidbits. They found that the United States is far and away the leader of startups in the top 200 with 72. The next closest countries are India at 13 and Canada at 10.

The data also showed that 20% of startups in the top 15 are business communication tools showing a lot of investment around the world in that type of service. 33% of the startups in the top 15 help users create or share content. This shows how many people are investing in content sharing platforms online. Ride sharing and room sharing companies like Airbnb and Uber topped the list but there are many surprises in the top 15 including Fiverr, Quora, and Hootsuite.

For the full analysis from Kempler Industries, check out the graphic and analysis below.


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