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How to Increase E-Commerce Sales without Discounting [Infographic]

Every consumer will ultimately tell you that they love a good deal.  Who doesn’t? Because of this most retailers offer discounts to help drive sales.  Sales increase and customers are happy.  Research has shown that discounting e-commerce products can provide long term harm to your business. Slant Marketing has put together a very useful and informative infographic that covers the topic of discounting in e-commerce sales..and how to increase e-commerce sales without slashing prices.

The graphic covers the dangers of discounting.  There can be short-term benefits, however discounting of the long-term does more harm than good in e-commerce sales. E-commerce companies should focus on addressing the real problem at hand, and that’s why people are not buying your products. There is some really cool information presented on what stops customers from buying and also what keeps customers buying.  Anyone involved in e-commerce sales could benefit from the information presented in this infographic.


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  1. Wow, the thing about discounting the first month of a subscription service is definitely good to know! You would think it would be a good tactic to getting more subscriptions, and it might be, but it might also be hurting you in the long run. It’s actually hard to say - I’d love to see more studies or data on this!

  2. Hi Fred! I guess it depends on your audience. So many people look for freebies or discounts, and they won’t stick around to pay full price.


  3. Burying the cost of shipping until the end of the checkout process is the #1 reason people abandon shopping carts. In my particular case, the other reason I fail to complete a purchase is the inability to pay for it from my PayPal balance. Sites that do not take PayPal cannot get my business. Even worse are sites that display a PayPal logo, but then require a debit or credit card instead of accepting payment from my balance.

    The more types of payment an ecommerce site accepts, the more orders they will receive. This will continue to be true even after some payment solutions win over the lion’s share of the buyers.

  4. Gail-
    (Hi!) Agreed. I always look for the shipping rate. I am such a fan of Amazon Prime, that it hurts when I have to actually pay for (slower) shipping on another site.

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