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Leverage Local Marketing in Metropolitan Villages

People moving from the countryside into cities is nothing new but unlike past generations, we Millennials prefer to live in the very heart of the city.  This preference has led to a reduction in car ownership rates and an increase in small apartment living. Small businesses serving these growing metropolitan  villages can leverage local marketing to address the unique needs of this group. Here are some ideas for how to start.

Mobile Marketing

People walking around an urban neighborhood are ripe for the mobile marketing picking. iBeacons in display windows can push messages to people walking by to entice them to grab a sweet treat from a bakery, to invite them to try on that dress during business hours, or to offer them free local delivery on their next copy order. Read more

Six Ways To Get Your Company’s Name Out In Your Community

Even if you sell a fantastic product or service, people cannot buy it unless they have heard of it. This makes getting your name out to your community vital to your company’s growth and success. When you are ready to grow your business and see increased sales, try any or all of these six great ways to get your company’s name into the community.

1. Advertise Locally

Television, newspaper or radio aren’t the only places you can advertise. Put ads on billboards, on bus stop benches and on grocery carts. Advertise on local restaurants’ paper menus and in local community newsletters. Put your company names on your vans, and advertise on your town’s website. You can even make new signs to put on your actual store, like the sings from New Style Signs, to help make your brick-and-mortar base more attractive to potential customers. Read more

5 Reasons Why Tangible Advertising Is Still Effective

Many people believe they can market their companies via Internet only. While the Internet is a wonderful platform, tangible marketing efforts are still incredibly effective and necessary. Let’s discuss why tangible advertising is still so effective in today’s market.

1. It Reaches Everyone
Believe it or not, not everyone has constant access to the Internet. Whether it is for financial reasons, lack of knowledge or by choice, some people choose to be without the constant device in hand. However, most people do receive mail! Sending direct mail will ensure you reach even those who tend to stay offline. Read more