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Phone Calls and Conversions: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Phone Calls

Despite us doing business in the era of Web 2.0, with over 2 billion people active on social media platforms and marketing budgets shifting drastically towards online platforms, telephones continue to be of utmost importance. If you don’t believe us, check out these interesting facts that are sure to get you rethinking your actions the next time your business phone rings:

  • 25% customers give up on a company because they’ve been kept on hold for a long time
  • 66% customers switch to the competition due to poor customer service
  • More than 85% customers are willing to pay as much as 25% more for good customer experience
  • Over 50% mobile searchers confirm they call a business following a mobile search ad
  • 65% customers prefer to contact a business via phone

Have we got your attention now? Good.

To prompt you to rethink your marketing strategies and centering them on phone calls, here are some important tips on how to make the most of your phone calls to increase conversions.

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Use to Drive Lead Generation

If you’re a business, you want more leads, right? And you’re almost certainly using your website to try and generate more leads, right?

(If not – you really should be…)

So how can you utilise the free Google data that is so readily available, for driving more and more leads to your business through your website?

Read on for an outline of some of the easiest – yet most overlooked – things you can be doing to get more value from your online presence, through the use of Google .

{If you don’t use AdWords to promote your site, you can probably skip the next section – though it’s quite short and contains some useful info anyway!}

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Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem [Infographic]

One of the world’s biggest tech companies likes to say that its technology “just works,” but the truth is there’s still an extremely complicated program behind each of those apps on our phones. That means someone spends hours writing those programs, making sure every bit of information is accounted for and integrated into the final product. It’s the same way with an Internet marketing lead generation system, in which dozens of individual elements need to be woven together into a cohesive whole. But without a plan, that can be difficult to do.

That’s why we at Straight North developed the following infographic to serve as a kind of road map for building a lead generation campaign. After studying many successful lead generation campaigns, we’ve been able to identify all of the crucial elements that make up a successful campaign — and how they all fit together. Building a campaign without any of these elements may mean it won’t function as well as it should, and force you to start from scratch. Whether you’re building a lead generation campaign from the ground up or optimizing your current campaign, this flowchart will give you the best idea of what needs to be included and how to assemble the elements into a campaign that will “just work” for you. Read more