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Business Resolutions for Egg Marketing 2018

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of a blank slate. What will you make of it with your business?

For me, there’s always been something so symbolic about having a fresh start. It’s a great excuse to rethink where we want to take our businesses. When you’re chugging along the rest of the year, you rarely take the time to look up and consider whether you’re still moving in the direction you want to be, or whether that direction has shifted.

That’s why I make New Year’s Resolutions for my business.

(and hey, if you’re not feeling up to it this year, check out what I did last year: focused on just one goal for the entire year.)

Reviewing Last Year’s Goal

I always recommend reviewing how well you fared in achieving the previous year’s goals before you make your list for the new year.

Because I set the goal of simply getting back on track with my content marketing agency last year after some personal setbacks, I can say that yes, I achieved this goal…and then some. Business picked up as the year progressed, and took me in new areas I couldn’t have foreseen.

Keeping it Short and Sweet

I used to make a list of 10 resolutions each year. But sometimes I’d feel forced into coming up with a few of those. So this year, I’ll make as many (or as few) as it takes.

Resolution #1: Diversify into Other Industries

While Egg Marketing’s focus has been on software, startups, and small business experts over the past few years, last year brought some interesting clients that have made me rethink our narrow focus. There’s Raw & Root, the client that makes a delicious turmeric latte powder that’s also packed with health benefits. And Sexy Confidence, the relationship coaching brand. Clients like these ignite my creativity and make me want to expand into consumer goods and services.

Resolution #2: Take Back the Blog

I have to admit that writing for my own blog hasn’t been priority for a while, as I’ve focused on writing content for clients. But I realized that if I’m selling content marketing services, shouldn’t the blog reflect my (and my writers’) capabilities in that department?

So you’ll see fewer posts this year, as well as more posts from me and my team, and fewer guest posts. My intent is to deliver really valuable stuff to you, while controlling the quality and topics.

Resolution #3: Be Open to Unusual Opportunities

Last year, I was approached by by New Product Events to be a keynote speaker at their PR Bootcamp this May. Long ago, I decided not to pursue public speaking, but this opportunity was too good to resist. And so this year, I want to attract and say yes to more opportunities that I might not have seen coming.

Resolution #4: Expand Services Selectively

A client asked if we managed social media. While we have done so in the past, we don’t advertise this service. And yet, I realized I was interested in managing this particular client’s social media.

So this year, I resolve to offer more services…selectively. I in no way can do justice to a dozen clients managing their social media due to the time it requires, but can easily knock it out of the park for one or two who fit what I want in a social media client.

And event planning, my secret love, may be back in the cards as well! So my message to myself here is to be open to offering more to clients when it’s a good fit.

So that’s my list of what I want to achieve in 2018. What are your New Year’s Resolutions for your brand?

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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  1. Susan,

    Have a prosperous new year!

    I enjoyed to read about your plans for this year! I am pivoting my own podcast, due to my involvement with other podcasts as a co-host and a producer. I will also be working with a meta podcast projects. I will continue to blog and write on my new domain, Tea Book Sketches. I will also do blogging for a site on business ideas (in Swedish). I am open for speaking engagements on new media (especially podcasting), business philosophy (e.g., organizational leadership) and the good life (including tea).

    All the Best,


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