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5 Steps To Write Awesome Blog Posts People Love To Read

Putting your ideas and thoughts into words is easy. Just a little brainstorming, organizing, and then typing would do. But, it’s a different story to entice readers into reading your posts. To make people want to read your blog, check these steps to write awesome blog posts so you’ll have a blog that people would want to read.

1. Come up with a very catchy title

After you finish typing, it’s now time to unleash your creativity and create your working title. You’ve been through the whole brainstorming process when you started to write your first sentence, and now with the title, you’ll have to go back to square one. You’ll have to choose a title that would fit all the ideas you’ve typed until now.

For some, this is a ‘no sweat’ part, but for some, it is. Titles are the very first words a reader would see, so it’s up to the title whether the reader would be interested and continue reading or not. Make sure that your title will be very catchy — words that would pique the readers and would want them to read more.

2. Create an outline

You will need to collect some new ideas and put them together for an outline before you start writing. Titles, topics, paragraphs can be saved in various channels or tools so you can immediately save them the moment you think of them. Once you’ve gathered enough ideas, you can try looking up for more examples, or if you are working with others, you can do some collaboration with them. Two heads are always better than one, right?  So when you will create an outline, you’ll have a glimpse of how your blog post is going to come out, and you’ll just need to supply more words into it.

3. Start your intro with a BANG!

The title and the first few sentences aka Introduction are very crucial — a reader might drop your blog post if he/she didn’t find it interesting enough to continue reading. So, to make your intro right, start it off by introducing what you are writing about. You can use questions or quotes, which are from your point of view. You can use 60 words at most for your first paragraph, which is very essential for getting your audiences’ interest.

4. Use Sub-headings for easy scanning

Readers do not read a blog post from the first word until the last. Most of them just scan the contents and pick-up small ideas before they go. So your readers can get your point clearly, remember to use subheadings. Since readers just scan the post without reading word by word, they’ll stop and carefully read once they see a subheading that has captured their interest. Subheadings will also get your post divided into different segments, and they are also useful for SEO purposes, especially for making your content rank well in the search results.

5. Follow proper spacing

Would you want to read a post that violates all the rules of spacing, paragraphs, and breaks? No, right? So, when writing your post, do a double-check to make sure you’ve got it all right. Your efforts of translating your ideas into words would all go to waste since no one would want to read your post if it is presented in messy chunks of text. Make your post easy-to-read by limiting paragraphs to just 2-4 sentences only.

Your blog post should deliver the message clearly while being visually interesting through a properly-structured format. So if you want to start blogging, just follow these steps to write awesome blog posts and put more effort into your blog posts and you’ll attract more readers in no time.

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Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to make a blog, content writing, blog design and much more. His writing is not only descriptive but also meaningful. He loves to share his ideas on different categories. Follow him on Twitter.

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