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3 Reasons Why Facebook Video Advertising Crushes the Competition

Don’t get distracted by shiny platforms like Snapchat or put all your chips into VR. Your target audience is watching videos on Facebook, and if you want eyeballs on your advertisements, there’s no better place to invest. Here’s why:

1. Targeting

With 1.86 billion monthly active users (as of Dec 31, 2016), Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. All those people opt to share their demographic information and interests with the site, allowing video advertisers to get extremely specific with who they target. This feature ensures that you are only spending your Facebook video advertising dollars on people who would be interested in buying your product.

And that’s just the beginning. Facebook allows advertisers to retarget users who have already seen your video once. These users have demonstrated an interest in your product or service, and you want them to see your content again and again until they make the decision to buy.

You can retarget in a whole variety of scenarios including:

  • Retarget your email list or segments of it with a specific offer on Facebook.
  • Retarget people who watched any of your past video ads, or engaged with your page.
  • Retarget website visitors or people who visited certain pages.

Did someone hit your main sales page but didn’t purchase?  Retarget them with ads that offer up a discount on your product, or gently remind them to finish their purchase.

2. Building Trust

Customers have become savvier, and are more likely to buy from people and businesses they trust.  Research has shown that multiple touchpoints are needed before someone purchases, and the bigger the sale, the more trust has to be built.

Targeting and retargeting allows you to get more prospects into your sales funnel, and move them through it faster.

3. Staying Power

People browsing Facebook don’t want to be taken away from Facebook when they click on something. And since video ads are embedded into Facebook users’ home feed, clicking “play” on your ad won’t cause an interruption. Instead, it enhances their Facebook experience, exposing them to content in which, thanks to retargeting technology, they have already shown interest. Facebook video ads allow you to build trust and rapport inside the Facebook environment, after which you can follow up with a specific offer to engaged viewers.

Video ads on Facebook work. They are targeted, trustworthy, and convenient for consumers. If you’d like to learn more about why and how to use Facebook video advertising, Memory Tree has created a useful infographic that’s a primer on Facebook video ads.

Author Bio:

Gary Cain is a partner at Memory Tree Productions, a video production firm that works with high tech firms in Austin, Texas.  He started out in video production as an editor for broadcast television before transitioning into working for Memory Tree.  

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