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A New Slant on an Old Favorite – Small Business Email Marketing Remade

Small business email marketing is a tried and true favorite of many marketers. It’s one digital marketing method that you know is going to be put in front of the intended recipient. There’s no worrying about algorithms messing with who sees the email.

How to Keep Small Business Email Marketing Out of the Spam Folder

Of course, there are issues here too. Modern-day anti-spam applications use artificial intelligence to sniff out spam and suspicious emails. If you’re not careful, your email might end up in the spam folder.

Getting around these filters can be tricky. The very language that you use might get your email flagged. Using a word like “Sale” is a dead giveaway, and you can see other bad words to avoid in the infographic below.

The best way to convince the filters that your email isn’t spam is to pack it with valuable content. Why not think of your email campaign in a similar light to content marketing? Content marketing is about giving the consumer some valuable information without marketing at all.

Content marketing is more about building and nurturing the relationship than pushing for sales. Email marketing could benefit from these principles as well. So, instead of just blasting your subscribers with marketing all the time, pull back a little.

Think about creating content that will make your subscribers glad they opened the email. What information could help them in their lives? What can make their day better? There can be a small amount of marketing snuck in here and there, but the majority of the content should be valuable to the subscriber.

That way, they’ll always look forward to opening your emails, be more likely to forward them to others and develop a favorable impression of your company. You’ll be able to keep your company at the top of their minds and capitalize on their good perception of your company.

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