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Four Ways to Thank Customers and Encourage Them to Do Future Business

Nurturing relationships with customers is a fundamental part of any business. Regardless of field or domain, retention is the secret ingredients to boosting leads and keeping your business on the floating line. Social media can be your best ally for nurturing prospects; but it can also be your worst enemy. Negative comments affect your bottom line, and if you don’t take action the moment something happens, you risk losing your customer base once and for all.

To encourage customers to continue to buy from you or use your services, here are 4 core ways to keep them satisfied.

Four Ways to Thank Customers and Encourage Them to Do Future Business

1. Customer interaction

In case you didn’t know this already, happy customers whose concerns are dealt with immediately choose to share their amazing experience with up to six more people. Word of mouth is still extremely powerful, and if you want your business to be praised, it’s very important to provide excellent customer service. Steer clear of blunt answers when replying on social media, and if you get an email from an unhappy customer, find a way to cater to his need as diligently as possible.

For example, if they weren’t pleased with the quality of a product, at the very least you could apologize. Showcase your appreciation, be there for them, and provide support. All people want is to feel that someone is listening to their demands. Have a one-on-one conversation, or provide a discount on the next purchase. Whatever you do, just make sure not to lash out.

2. Respect thy customer

Respect for the consumer matters the most in business. And yet, some companies couldn’t care less for what their customers have to say about their business. Bad customer service doesn’t just affect ROI; it ruins your reputation, and we know how hard it can be to get it back. The more respectful you are with the people interacting with your business and products, the more chances you have to increase both retention rates and your bottom line.

Oftentimes, it’s best to offer a simple “thank you your review anyway” than complain or put the blame on the consumer. Accept feedback, regardless of its nature, with your head up high.

3. Freebies, discounts and promos

One of the easiest, simplest ways to keep your customers around is to take good care of them. Discounts, promos and freebies are more than appreciated. Who doesn’t love a 30% off their favorite collection of jeans? Even if you cannot afford massive discounts, you can still delight your customers with free ebooks, useful guides, and educational content. The right email delivered to their inbox at the right time shows that you care about their wellbeing.

4. Regardless of the circumstances, the customer is right. Always!

When providing a service, it’s never a good idea to contradict the customer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong. If you’re marketing a product, user experience and customer service are like bread and butter. Craft a customer service policy, and find a way to fix a consumer’s issue. For example, if they’re not happy you could implement a return policy; or a money-back guarantee policy. This way you are protected. Now, even if you didn’t close a purchase, at least you won’t receive negative reviews. Allow them to change their minds, and have a conversation with them, not a fight. It’s best to compromise rather than risk the reputation of your business.

How do we encourage customers to stick around? How to convince them to keep buying from us? The four pillars we’ve mentioned above should become your mantra. Customer services are vital because your consumers are the people keeping your business on the floating line. It is important to thank them. Offer them a positive experience even when they don’t make a purchase. Entice them with vouchers, corporate gifts sent at their doorsteps, and catchy content.

When sending “thank you” emails, don’t forget to be specific. Include your customer’s name in the email, and address them personally. Don’t sell your company or your product, and give them the liberty to choose. Offer informational content when sending emails, and focus on quality of that content. Show them how much you appreciate them, and sooner or later they’ll appreciate your gesture.

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Davis Miller is a writer. He writes articles on business and finance. Apart from writing, he also loves to do swimming and reading books in his leisure time. He also recommends Veritas Gifts to buy corporate gifts.

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  1. These hacks or ways are a sure path to be successful in energizing clients or customer for doing business in future and also helps to establish a long term relation.

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