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5 Real-World Tips for Marketing Your Local Business on Instagram

Though I’ve focused a lot in my marketing career on helping B2B businesses that weren’t local to me in San Diego, I’m starting to work more with companies in my area, including my own creative workshop brand. As I work to drive attendance of events, I’ve found that Instagram is a great resource to introduce the brand to more people in San Diego. It’s a learning process for me, but as I learn, I want to share a few things I’ve learned that should help you with marketing your local business on Instagram.

Event Management

Maximizing Social Media to Its Full Potential with Event Management

Social media is groundbreaking for an incredibly diverse set of reasons across every industry. Since it’s been so disruptive to business, it can be completely overwhelming and a drain on resources, which can be problematic for early-stage startups. But, it is important when it comes to event management.

Knowing how to properly utilize social media during events (and before the actual event) is something that anyone is born with. It’s a talent — an art form that can be learned and one that we hope to help you learn within this article. This will serve as your portal to have a comprehensive strategy to promote events the right way through social media.

Increase Followers On Twitter

7 Impressive Tips to Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, that means we can use it for updates about what we do, what’s going on in the world, what is our opinion but all this is short sentences — basically sharing thoughts, happenings, and views about current affairs of the world. With Twitter, the terminology is that you have to follow for follow on twitter. When you tweet a message, your followers can see it and when you visit Twitter, you can see messages of people whom you follow.

So obviously when we like something we tend to share it as we want people who follow us to know our mind-set so that they can connect with us better and so that they can be in touch with us. Twitter gives you the facility called “retweet” whenever you love something that is uploaded or when you upload something that someone else wants to upload too, they can upload the same message as what the person followed has written it, if it related to them and they want their followers also to read it.

Facebook Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-up: Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing works so well for many individuals and companies. In this week’s Marketing Eggspert round-up I’ve collated posts on best practices, mobile posting on Facebook, converting Facebook ads into sales and your ecommerce strategy, chatbots, facebook advertising trends and a step to step guide to creating a Facebook marketing strategy plus more.


The Importance of Chatbots In Social Media Marketing

We all know that Chatbots are an Artificial Intelligence progam, which are designed to stimulate conversation with users. Internet websites are flourished with Chatbot technology, and the users are getting the experience of natural conversation via robotic technology. For this reason, Chatbots have been described as one of the most important and advanced ways of interaction between the service and the users. The Internet has converted this world into a web village, and the need for quick conversations is a must in order to know more about the services a company offers.

There are a large number of users active online, and answering their queries is a very tedious task. Human staff and executives cannot be present all the time to answer the queries. And here’s where the term ‘Chatbots’ has its importance and necessity. Though the idea of chatbots, where robotic technology takes the place of natural talk is intimidating, it’s a fact that the robots have made our life easier, and even more comfortable than it used to be. This conversation stimulating technology has eased the burden of millions of Internet services to present a classy conversation with their users. Using a chatbot, you can talk through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps and even using the telephone. 


9 Great Tips to Improve LinkedIn Leads

As the social media craze continues to grow every day, businesses and individuals are finding innovative and novel ways of driving awareness and generating leads through exploiting the available social media platforms. If a business or an individual is looking…
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