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Why You Should Fit Your Marketing Strategy to Voice Search

In 2011, Apple introduced Siri through the launch of their brand new product iPhone 4. Siri is an intelligent digital voice search assistant that is live and available on Apple’s operating systems (iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS). Since 2011, several dominant brands such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have also started working on the newest technology, which will probably change the way marketing works forever.

These smart personal assistants are becoming even smarter, as most of them possess some form of AI intelligence. Their job is to optimize the user experience by being able to recognize, understand, and respond to different requests and tasks.

According to some studies published in 2014, Google has discovered that 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers in the US tend to consistently use the voice search features more than just once each day.

Why You Should Fit Your Marketing Strategy to Voice Search

That should really make businesses wonder; are voice personal assistants the new big thing in marketing? There’s just marketing now – no online marketing. In today’s times, the digital environment becomes essential for almost every professional field. It changes the way the world works, and it completely shifts the way marketing works and will work in the nearest future.

Here’s the deal. Voice search technology will change social media, SEO, and content marketing big time. If you’re a business professional and you’re currently working on outdated marketing strategies, please get back to where the marketplace is. Stick with it, don’t fall behind, and work on the latest, most important trends in the history of digital marketing!

There are several big changes that will happen to your marketing strategies. Let’s take a look together at some of the most significant effects that voice search has on the entire digital marketing sphere:

Keyword Searching Decreases

Most of the websites which are optimized for keywords should experience a decrease in traffic and engagement. The reason is quite simple. As voice search is being progressively implemented in more and more applications and considering that Google’s AI Assistant becomes smarter and smarter, the search strings will go beyond long-tail keywords.

People will ask amazing things so that websites that are built specifically to answer short-tail key phrases will suffer quite a bit. However, in case this speaks to you, you shouldn’t worry too much. Typing will still go on for a long time now, only that it will be reduced.

The Queries Sound Like They Are Addressed to a Human

When speaking to a device, people barely make the difference when it comes to asking the right questions. Smart AI devices tend to be humanized, so search users are going to address more specific questions. Can you see how voice queries will have a tremendous impact on the SEO dynamics?

Laura Pizano is a Head Marketer who works at EssaysOnTime. After optimizing their service for voice SEO, they have reported a slight increase in their traffic. Laura was kind to leave us with a suggestion:

“Webmasters will have to get smarter. They’ll have to predict queries more efficiently, and they’ll have to get into their target persona’s mind. Imagine having Siri or Google Assistant sitting on the nightstand, waiting for you to ask for things. In a matter of days, you’ll start considering that small device as a friend instead of a sophisticated personal AI assistant.”

The Voice Search “Era” is Rapidly Growing

It seems that technology giants are highly focused on releasing better and better voice search, recognition and AI products. Amazon Echo, for example, can answer questions, perform small tasks, play your favorite music, and also “get in touch” with your other smart devices. Shortly, it aims to make your life better and easier.

Google can’t fall behind, so in July 2017, Google releases Google Home in Australia and later in a few other countries. This small and impressive device incorporates a smart AI character which helps you with your daily tasks. You communicate with it, you keep asking questions, and you can allow it to solve different routine tasks and assignments that would waste your time.

However, this is only the beginning, as most of these voice search software is not 100% capable and sustainable at the moment. There are many errors that these smart AI bots can encounter. The technology is smart, yet not that incredibly smart to make humans totally count on smart robots.


Considering that you’ve already come across the digital marketing strategies which are working in the present moment, you’re ought to be flexible and very adaptable in the nearest future. The voice search and recognition trend are coming closer and closer.

For the very moment, marketers can do just a few things to optimize their websites for voice recognition. Nevertheless, you should also never neglect this huge trend which is about to rise.

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Kevin is a talented marketing specialist at Essays On Time writing service where he creates and shares his masterpieces with students. Also, Kevin likes to contribute his professional knowledge to blogs. When not doing his work Kevin bikes in the countryside or goes fishing hoping to make his cat happy. You can follow him on Twitter.


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