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Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Freelancers

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Freelancers

Being a freelancer or hiring a freelancer can often not be that simple. I’ve collated some posts that may be able to help - hiring a freelancer, why now is good to be a freelancer, infographic guide, freelance job sites, how to manage freelancers, how to become a good freelancer and lots more.

What Makes a Great Freelancer: Hiring Tips for New Business Owners - A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services to businesses. The services offered can vary depending on their skills but can include anything from clerical and administrative tasks to IT solutions, marketing, and financial support.  Marketing Eggspert

The Freelance Movement in America—Why Now’s a Great Time to Start Working for Yourself - Whether you call yourself a freelancer, a sole proprietor, or an independent contractor, you’re part of today’s hottest workforce trends. Some 57.3 million Americans currently freelance, according to a study by Edelman Intelligence, and by 2027, the report predicts, freelancers will dominate the American workforce. AllBusiness

Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy [Infographic] - Throughout the course of your freelancing career, you’ll come to many forks in the road. Use this guide to help shed some light on some tough decisions along the way. Marketing Eggspert

79 Websites To Get Freelance Jobs Fast - Here’s a list of 79 current, active sites you can visit to find freelance job opportunities now. Shop around and find the ones that post freelance opportunities that you’re best suited for. You’ll land a gig and start making money in no time. Forbes

A Guide on How to Hire Freelancers for Your Small Business - Finding creative talent is no longer relegated to geographic location. The advent of the Internet and the ubiquity of virtual communications have brought the world, literally, to our fingertips. With this much access to talent from around the globe, the competition amongst freelancers has made it vital for them to discern themselves from the herd.  Marketing Eggspert

“Freelancing Isn’t Free” – Good Times for Freelancers - In reality, these days freelancing is becoming everything people hoped for. Several recent studies and surveys find that freelancers are able to earn more, work less, and feel more satisfied about their work. Tweak Your Biz

How to Manage a Creative Freelancer When You Can’t Do it Yourself - Having been both a creative freelancer and a client, I thought I’d share a few tips for effectively managing a creative freelancer when you can’t do the work yourself. Marketing Eggspert

How To Become A Successful Freelancer (And Quit Your Desk Job In 30 Days) - One of the biggest misconceptions about freelancing is that you sit at home and work comes to you. When the reality is you have to fight for it, and fight hard. Career Foundry

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Sian Phillips, Content Editor

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the Content Editor of The Marketing Eggspert. Being an experienced proofreader and also qualified accountant, one of Sian’s many skills includes attention to detail for words and numbers. See more about Sian's editing and proofreading services on her website.

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