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CRM Data and the Opportunity It Provides for Marketers

There is a vast amount of useful data that is stored in CRM software.  Everything from contact information, email interactions, purchase history, demographic information, and customer attributes among other things. Not all marketers realize the value of the CRM data that is literally right at their fingertips that can be used to both improve customer experiences as well as improve ad targeting.

CRM data provides useful data that marketers and brands can use to leverage in their marketing campaigns.  CRM data also allows marketers to shift to one-to-one marketing at scale.  By using this data, marketers can not only decrease wasted ad spend but also reach customers more effectively through addressable media.

Cross-channel marketing technology leaders Signal has put together a comprehensive infographic that gives actionable advice for marketers on how to effectively use CRM data for more effective marketing and improved customer experience.  In the infographic they cover the evolution of the CRM over time, the challenges that come with activating data across multiple marketing channels, as well as provide advice on how to use the CRM data.  To learn more, check out the infographic below.

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