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Evergreen Marketing Strategy: 5 Practical Tips

The concept of evergreen marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the business world of today. At its core, labeling something as evergreen is a way of saying that a product or concept will have a continuous marketability. If your business is implementing an evergreen marketing strategy, here are some practical tips to keep in mind.

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What Is Evergreen Content and How Can It Help Your SEO?

One of the biggest concerns for digital marketing specialists is website performance. More businesses are becoming aware of the importance that SEO has to offer a website, and the pressure is now on for digital experts to get websites on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing.

One area that has always been a vocal point of SEO is content marketing. Everybody knows that regular content helps SEO and that a flurry of blog posts can increase website traffic in the short term. Digital marketers have been raving about the value of blogs and news pages for years.

Recently, the trend has moved towards producing evergreen content. More content marketers and digital specialists are seeing its value, from both an audience perspective and for SEO purposes.

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7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Really Needs a Blog

Writing a blog might not seem like the sort of thing you want to do for your business website. You might think that your products sell themselves and that you don’t need to waste the time writing articles every day. You might think this, but you’d be wrong and here are seven reasons why your small business really needs a blog.

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Why Case Studies Should Be Central to B2B Content Marketing Strategies

Putting the SEO building blocks in place will boost your website’s search engine performance. Having a regularly-updated blog will give you a great platform to showcase industry expertise. Contributing guest articles to high-authority websites within your niche will extend your reach and allow you to build a healthy portfolio of backlinks. All of the above, complemented by strategic social media activity, will drive targeted traffic to your website.

But how are you going to convert these visitors to your site into clients? Writing captivating copy can go a long way towards winning custom, and if you do a good job with each of the above you might find you’re soon inundated with website traffic. However, for my money, the most effective way of encouraging potential clients to move from browsing your site to picking up the phone is to have a good range of case studies - providing real insight into your way of working, and detailing the success stories you’ve had with others.

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