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5 Key Roles of a Community Manager

Many companies are now properly utilising social media and community development to improve their relations with their audience further. Professionals who can make use of their skills to keep the community updated are now in demand, and they are called Community Managers.

Community Manager defined

Considered as the face of a company, a Community Manager is in charge of managing communications. A role which needs one to be digital savvy, he/she will be responsible for everything related to communications, social media, PR, content creations, and events, among many other things.

It is a Web 2.0 communications role, where online tools and in-person networking are incorporated to create relationships and build the company’s brand effectively.

Skills Needed for a Community Manager

If you are considering getting a Community Manager for your company, then these are some skills you can look for to spot the best candidate:

  • Outgoing personality - Their role will involve attending networking events, so it is only right that they are confident and comfortable in dealing with strangers
  • Writing Skills - Some background in journalism or writing experiences will be essential since they would be the ones who’ll create content for your company
  • Social Media Experience - Although it’s not a must, knowing their way around social media tools will go a long way and help you cut down time on training. Being able to manage themselves around WordPress perfectly and is familiar with social networking sites would be a good edge.
  • Passion and interest - The Community Manager you’ll be hiring should be very interested towards the industry you are in and should be passionate at what they do.
  • Willingness to work overtime - Their role doesn’t stop in a 9-5 daily routine; they should understand that being a Community Manager may entail working even during after office hours and weekends
  • Good employee - The usual trait everyone looks for a potential candidate — intelligent, someone who can multi-task, has initiative and time management skills. Since their role will involve managing many areas of the business, look for someone who has the brains and doesn’t get stressed easily under pressure
  • Education - You can start looking at those with degrees in journalism, English, or any communication-related course. Someone with Corporate Communications or PR Certificates are also good candidates.

Key Roles

Aside from the skills cited above, here are some key roles that a Community Manager should possess:

1. Strong Communication, People & Analytical Skills

Analytical skills will come in handy when the Community Manager assesses the effectiveness of actions which are made to engage the community, or how many people are reached by the company’s messages. Strong communications skills are crucial since they’ll be dealing with networking with others, and being a people-person is also important.

2. Permanently Open Eyes & Ears

A Community Manager’s job is not limited to the four corners of the office and stops when office hours end; he/she should learn to love doing their jobs and continuously seek expertise by finding out various content not just in areas within their reach, but including the world outside the office, too.

3. Being Empathetic

A Community Manger should look at the company from his/her recipients’ perspective so that he/she can effectively respond to incentives, not just for individuals but for everyone. Aside from formulating messages, he/she should also understand the ones who are receiving the messages and be empathetic to where they’re coming from.

4. Sound Organizational Skills

Since their job entails managing various platforms, they should know how to remain organised and level-headed to stay on the right track. Community managers need to be able to multi-task, and being organised comes along with that.

5. Having passion for the brand

A community manager is considered as the ‘eyes and ears’ of your organisation, as well as being the voice of the company. Your audience will love to interact with someone who values the brand just like them, and a passionate Community Manager can do just the right job.

Communication with communities is not just limited to content delivery, but should also include obtaining information, engaging in specific initiatives, building relations within communities, and strengthening the sense of identification with the company. With that, you’ll need to assess the qualifications of your Community Manager carefully.

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