You never know where your next customer will come from. You might strike up a conversation in the grocery store, exchange cards, and end up getting a call from someone who wants to write you a check. It might happen at a conference. A party. That’s why I am always open to marketing opportunities.


Recently I was interviewed on the Franchise Gator blog. I don’t receive a ton of interview requests, so I try to honor them. And I’m glad I did. The day the post went live, I received a call from someone who had read the interview. Seems he was impressed with my answers and wanted Egg’s help with content marketing.

So that single interview turned into a new client. See what I mean?

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

This is the reason I am fond of saying you can’t afford NOT to market. It’s easy to put other things ahead of it, but marketing is the gift that just keeps giving. A guest post you wrote a year ago can continue to send traffic to your site for years.

Here are the marketing opportunities I encourage you to take advantage of when they come your way:

  • Guest blogging for other sites in your niche
  • Being interviewed
  • Making an appearance on a podcast, tv program, or radio show
  • Participating as a guest on a Tweetchat
  • Speaking at a conference
  • Offering free advice to people in your community

So while you might be plugging away at writing content for your blog and managing your social media, look for these other opportunities. They may not be as frequent, though you can increase their likelihood by networking with others in your community, but their returns can be much greater.

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